Eliminate Fine Lines and Open Pores with one smooth move….

In my work I am often asked about products which will help with large open pores and fine lines.

There are a lot of products available, I see them in the media all the time, which promise to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Let’s be honest, some work, some don’t. One product may work well on one person and not on another. We are also told that these products will reduce the appearance of fine lines “over time”. However, when us girls are getting ready to go out on a Saturday night and are looking a little worse for wear after a long week, the last thing we want is a cream that will take weeks to work. We want something that is quick and easy to use and is guaranteed to work straight away, every time.

Therefore, I take the pleasure in telling you about this great product. PoreFessional is a silky light-weight balm by Benefit Cosmetics. This is a fantastic primer to use under your make-up. It will give you such a smooth base and reduce the appearance of those unsightly open pores or unwanted fine lines.

PoreFessional is a translucent, oil-free product. Benefit do say that this product will compliment all skin types. To be honest, my skin can be oily one day and extremely dry the next and although this product will give you an extremely smooth base for your makeup, whatever your skin type, I find that if my skin is already dry it definitely doesn’t help to moisturise my skin. In my opinion, if you have extremely dry skin, I would think about a liquid primer or even make sure to moisturise your skin well before using this product.

In a nutshell, I have yet to find another product on the market at the moment that will cover large open pores as well as PoreFessional. Get down to your local Benefit Counter and give it a try.

PoreFessional recently won the awards for “Best Pore Perfector” in the 2011 Best in Beauty Awards.

PoreFessional comes in a 22ml tube and is priced at £23.50. It even comes with a little lesson leaflet on how to use the product correctly.

PoreFessional is available to purchase online at http://www.benefitcosmetics.com, Alternatively, you can find Benefit Counters at many department stores including Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Boots.

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