Get cheeky with your makeup….

I have had a few requests recently regarding how to apply blusher, what products to use and where.

Applying blush is a technique which, when applied correctly can make you look healthy and glowing. In contrast, if applied incorrectly it can easily give you the clown effect. Applying blush seems like something that should be relatively easy to pull off, which when you know the correct method and products to use, is correct. However to start off, make sure to take your time to get used to the technique, it takes a bit of practice but you will get the hang of it in no time.

To master the blusher technique, you really need to have contoured your face accordingly to begin with. Here is a link to a MAC video tutorial on how to contour and shape your face. Please note that this will change for each face shape, but this will give you some sort of idea as to how to contour your face. (I will write a full post on contouring for your face shape soon).

How to Contour your face:

When picking a colour for your blush, it is important to select one which is suited for your own skin tone. You will want to select a blush which is close to the natural glow of your cheeks after exercise or exertion.

To find the perfect blush, it depends very much on the depth of your skin tone. For example, lighter skin tones will wear lighters colours such as pink or coral shades; where darker skin tones will suit the darker colours such as burgundy or wine shades.

Your next step is to match your skin tone:

  • Yellow Skin tones should wear cool colours such as pink or plum.
  • Olive Skin tones should wear warm apricots.
  • Dark Olive Skin tones will suit colours with an orange base.
  • Neutral Skin tones are the luckiest, you will be able to wear most colours although rose colours are recommended.
  • Blue Skin tones (usually only seen in very dark skin) can wear reds or berries.

I know this may seem a lot to take in, but pop into any make-up store and the consultants will help you to find a colour to suit your skin tone and depth.

When applying blush, the angle in which you apply your colour is very important. This is the point where you could go from flawless to clown in seconds! The rule is generally that you contour, blush and highlight in three sections of your cheekbones. The lower, middle and upper cheekbone. You will contour on your lower cheekbone. This is usually the line which would join the top of your ear to the corner of your lips. Following that guideline you will move up slightly to your mid and upper cheekbone.

Here is a great tutorial I came across on YouTube to help you with where and how to contour, blush and highlight your cheekbones. It also shows you methods for different blush types.

How to apply blusher tutorial:

As an alternative to the MAC product used to contour in this video, a personal favourite of mine is ‘Hoola’ by Benefit Cosmetics.

I hope this information helps. If you have any questions about any of the information here, get in touch.

2 responses to “Get cheeky with your makeup….

  1. Nuala, I also love Hoola at the minute for contouring after using a contouring trio by Stila which seems to be discontinued. Hoola seems to suit most skin tones. My personal favourite powder blusher is still Orgasm by Nars.

  2. Very interesting information!Perfect just what I was searching for!

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