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‘Planely Peculiar’

‘Planely Peculiar’ is the latest Spring / Summer collection by Fashion Designer Nor Lisa. I had the pleasure of being involved in the photo-shoot to capture the essence of the 1940’s inspired print collection which definitely captures your eyes with its beautiful mix of bright and pastel colours.

I worked with both Lisa McCabe (designer behind Nor Lisa) and extremely talented photographer Przemek Czaicki of Creative Distortion Photography for Nor Lisa’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection and was so excited to get back out there with them again for this new collection.

The Beauty Cloud caught up with Makeup Artist Nuala Campbell, here is what she had to say about the latest look for Nor Lisa S/S 2012; “For the make-up in this photo-shoot, it was so important to bring out all the bright colours in the clothes and scarves. I had search high and low for lip glosses coloured and pigmented enough to stand out, but failed. Therefore I set about creating my own. Using clear gloss and my never ending pigment case I mixed up 6 of my own very bright and colourful lip glosses. My idea for the look for this shoot was for the hair and makeup to look artificial – no naturals to be found here! I think we captured it!”

A very welcome addition to the team this season was renowned session stylist Gillian Douglas-Rea. The hair and wigs in this photo-shoot really set the whole look off.

The photo-shoot took place at Filthy McNasty’s in Belfast – It was the perfect backdrop with such elaborate colours and focus points to go along side the gorgeous pieces from the Nor Lisa S/S 2012 collection.

Here are some of the official photos from the photo-shoot. Watch out for Nor Lisa’s Spring/Summer collection making an appearance at the next Belfast Fashion Week taking place March 14-18. (For tickets to Belfast Fashion Week, please contact the Belfast Welcome Centre on 028 9024 6609)

The team involved for this photo-shoot were:

Photography: Przemek Czaicki
Make-Up Artist: Nuala Campbell
Hairdresser: Gillian Douglas-Rea
Models: Seaneen Heaney, Bobbie-Lee Gregg, Diona Doherty, Chloe Anderson
Wardrobe: Nor Lisa (Lisa McCabe)
Location: Filthy McNasty’s Belfast

For a sneaky behind the scenes video from the Nor Lisa S/S 2012 Photo-shoot, click the following link:

See below for more images from Nor Lisa’s collection.

Naked Beauty

Well I couldn’t pass through duty free without picking a little something up for myself…. oh sorry, I mean picking something up to blog to you about ūüėČ

So many people have been talking to me about Urban Decays new ‘Naked’ eye shadow palette, how could I not buy it with ¬£10 off! This sleek palette is Urban Decay’s best selling eye shadow set of all time! So is it really all that it’s made out to be??

Yes! I love it! Not only for the great pigmented eye shadows that Urban Decay deliver on every time, but also the fact that they have given us a little travel size potion eye primer to help us along the way. The primer is great, it is neutral in colour and non greasy, allowing you an even and smooth application.

The colours of the shadows are great. I love how each of them match one another. You can literally use any of the 12 eye shadows alongside the others. Urban Decay have blessed us with not only a great range of colours so that you can great any look you like, from natural day time to a dramatic smokey night time look, but they have also made sure to include different textures of shadows as well. Your 12 eye shadows range through matte, shimmer and glitters – What more could you ask for?? A mirror? Well you’re in luck as they have even included one of those too!

This palette of eye shadows really gives you freedom to experiment. You can’t go wrong with your colour choices. The colours are beautifully pigmented so that you can wear them solo or create a bit of depth and drama and create your own trio.

Urban Decay have included an eye shadow brush which they said is worth ¬£14 (RRP). I think this is the only detail that lets their side down. Urban Decay market this brush as great because its animal cruelty free. It doesn’t give you a lot of freedom to blend and create different looks. We could have really been doing with a duo brush, perhaps a synthetic brush like they have included on one end and a natural hair blending¬†¬† brush on the other.

All in all I think this is a great palette – once again Urban Decay have lived up to their standards of excellent eye-shadows! One my way back through Duty-free I will be searching for ‘Naked 2’ which is their newest version of this palette… they were sold out on my way out so I will keep my eyes peeled this week on my way back.

The RRP for this Naked Palette is £35 and is available at all Urban Decay counters and online.

If you have any questions about the palette, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

Achieving the perfect face shape….

Unless you have been blessed with a perfectly oval shaped face and beautiful prominent cheek bones then you will want to contour your face. Without adequate contouring and highlighting you face will look dull and flat.

By contouring and highlighting your face properly you can reshape your face, making it appear more oval, thinner and more 3-dimensional.

The method being highlighting and contouring is, by contouring you push away that area from view and highlighting will pull forward and area. Together they will give such great depth to your face shape.

When contouring, try to use a matte taupe shade, or a powder with a blue base colour.

I love Benefit Cosmetics ‘HOOLA’. It is perfect for so many skin tones as it can be built upon for a more intensified colour, it also contains no sparkle or shine so it is perfect for contouring.

There are 6 main areas to contour on your face. All equally important as each other. Please note that depending on your face shape you may or may not need to contour all 6 areas. Below are the 6 areas that I would stick to when contouring:

1. Cheekbones – This is such a great place to contour as it can instantly change the whole look of your face. Remember that contouring is a subtle art. You should not see any drastic lines, but more of a shadow effect.

2. Jaw line – Contouring the jaw line is really great for hiding double chins. It will further define the shape of your face while separating it from your neck.

3. Temples – By contouring your temples and upper hairline you can’t really start to achieve your desired Oval face shape.

4. Nose – By contouring the sides of ¬†your nose you can change how the shape of your nose will appear, you can either narrow or widen it. Make sure not to narrow your face too much, you don’t want to completely change your nose shape so that it looks unnatural, but contour it so that it is complimented along with the highlighting.

5 . Eye Crease – By contouring the crease of your eye. It will give the illusion of depth and can completely transform your eyes, to really make them stand out.

6. Inner Eye socket – This will work to deepen your eyes and further narrow your nose.

Now you know where to contour, let’s talk about where to highlight. Highlighting is used when you want to bring someone’s attention or focus to something. Again, I cannot emphasis enough how this should be a subtle application. Later in this post I will show you the effect of these techniques when they go wrong.

Try using this guide to show the areas of contouring and highlighting.

Listed below are your 6 point of highlighting:

1. Central Forehead Р When you have contoured your temples, highlighting the centre of your forehead will really work to bring forth this area to really emphasis your oval shape.

2. Brow Bone – Highlighting the space between the crease of your eye and your brow will help to make your brows stand out and will compliment your previous contouring to give your eye depth and help to give your eye makeup some drama.

Look how contouring and highlighting is used in this photo of the beautiful Marilyn Monroe to give her eyes shape and definition.

3. Under eye and inner cheeks – Highlighting under your eyes will work well to disguise dark circles. Highlighting these areas will work to bring out the apples of your cheeks as well.

4. Nose – Highlighting the bridge of your nose will once again add depth to your face and make it appear more 3-dimensional. It can also work to lengthen your face.

5. Chin Р This will work to separate your chin from your jaw line while lengthening your face for achieve the desired oval effect.

6. Central Lips – By highlighting the centre part of your lips, you will give the illusion of more full plump lips. This is great for people with small thin lips or you want them to appear larger. A simple way of doing this would be to add a little clear gloss to the centre of your lips over whichever colour you choose.

Now have a look at what happens when highlighting and contouring goes wrong. It actually works to have the complete opposite of the desired effect. It breaks up your face in blocks and looks completely unnatural.

When highlighting try to use a natural coloured highlighter, if you use a gold highlighter in the wrong place on your face you will look completely false. The point of highlighting and contouring is for your face to appear naturally shaped.

Can you see how in this photo, the eyes lack depth and shape due to the missing element of contouring in the crease of the eye?



This photo of Rihanna captures beautiful subtle highlighting, however the lack of adequate contouring makes her cheeks very one dimensional and works against creating prominent cheekbones.



When this technique of shaping the face is done correctly it can have such beautiful and unbelievable effects on the appearance of your face. See the before and after effects of correct application on the model below.

Contouring and Highlighting your face is not an easy job to do and will take patience and practice. Once you learn how to best do it for your own face shape you will LOVE the effects.

Happy practicing!

Nor-Lisa Designs

Just a quick share about something exciting I have coming up.

In 2011 I had the pleasure of working on a photo shoot for NOR-LISA A/W 2011 collection.

Nor-Lisa is the designer range developed by top Belfast designer Lisa McCabe.

Her A/W collection was inspired using very eye-catching 1940s Spitfire Planes along with luscious fabrics  to create unique and eye-catching designs.

In my opinion, this is one designer you need to watch out for!

Next week I will be doing another photo shoot with Nor-Lisa to show case her S/S 2012 collection. I haven’t seen any of her pieces yet. I have however seen her inspiration behind her new line and I am so excited that I think I may burst!

I have included some photos from her A/W 2011 range and look forward to sharing her new line with you very soon!

Photography by Creative Distortion Photography

Models: Nikita Tully, Diona Doherty and Victoria Cheevers

Headpieces by Jessie L Millinery