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Natural -V- False

The Natural way isn’t always the most fun way …. Let’s face it, we go to so much effort to look good when we go out,  from new shoes, dresses accessories, make-up, to false tan, false lashes, false nails… why stop there…. why not have false hair too.

I have to admit, although I have a great hairdresser and I love my hair, sometimes I just wish I could go crazy with it and unless my hairdresser wants to move in with me, that’s just not going to happen.  Therefore, I have decided to join the newest celebrity craze and join the wig crew!

Nicki Minaj, a star studded American Singer/Rapper has the right idea… she landed into our world simply to grace us with some awesome wigs! I love her style, she isn’t afraid of colour injection and her wigs really just bring her look to life! If it’s not her wig’s that bring the colour then her clothes and make-up will not let us down. I would love to know how she gets away with all these colours and yet doesn’t over power us! She’s fab!

Another personal favourite has to be Katy Perry! The famous long wavy blue wig just looks like it was made for her. This has to be one of my favourite coloured wigs…. now if I could just find the courage to wear it!

I love the shape of all Jessie J’s wigs, the perfect bob hairstyle that we strive so hard for and yet can never quite reach…. She has it mastered! Purple is my favourite colour so I just LOVE this one!

So we know there are lots of gorgeously stylish and colourful wigs out there which totally rock our socks. I don’t mind that these wigs are quite obviously fake, what  I just haven’t quite got the love for though are wigs which are supposed to look real, but we all know are false… Selena Gomez in her blonde wig just makes me shudder a little. I don’t get it at all. I definitely think she should stick to her luscious dark locks.

What do you think of wigs? Do you already own some? or perhaps would just love to try one out but haven’t built up the courage quite yet…. why not share your thoughts with us! I definitely want to purchase this Jessie J style wig below!

An event not to be missed by our Bride’s and Groom’s to-be …

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share an event with you that I know some of our followers would be really interested in.

Our Events NI, who are a Northern Ireland based Event Management company. They never fail to produce beautifully presented, fun and action packed Wedding Shows.

This Sunday (29th April 2012), they will be hosting a not to be missed Bridal show in Merville House.

Merville House is a stunning Georgian Mansion, lovingly restored and offering a really unique and distinctive wedding venue.

Located in the Merville Garden Village Conservation area of Newtownabbey, Merville House is perfect for intimate civil ceremonies for up to 50 guests, and offers a perfect alternative for private wedding dining.

If you haven’t been to see Merville House yet, it is definitely work a look as a possible wedding venue.

The wedding show is running 2pm – 5pm. With a very spectacular Catwalk showing all the latest Bridal fashion trends at 4pm.

At the show itself, you will find a vast range of exhibitors including, stunning jewellery by B’Jewelled Bridal and Thomas Belfast. Beautiful Decor by Sprinkles of Love and A Touch of Class. Photographer Gavin Sloan will be there to guide you through your wedding plan options to make sure every moment of your special day is captured.  There will be live music throughout by Jonny McGeown plus much much more.

The Wedding show is free admission, so why not pop along to see what exclusive discounts and ideas you can collect for your big day.

For more events by Our Events NI, pop over to their website     Click here to watch a quick vido from another Our Events NI Wedding Catwalk

Merville House is located at Merville Garden Village, Newtownabbey, County Antrim, BT37 9TH. Telephone: 02890 854900. More information is available on their website at

The Latest Catwalk Hair Trends Made As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3 ….

Easy Elegance is the key feel to hair this season, ranging from Polished Ponytails to Romantic Braids and Big Bouncy Blow-dries. Each very much embracing our feminine feel with a simple elegance thats not too perfect!!

Looking to the Catwalk will gives us the Couture take on these Trends. I am going to select a few of these looks and give you hints and tips on how to ‘Session Style’ your own hair!

TREND 1 – BIG BOUNCY WAVES           (As sported here by Versace)

1. On pre shampooed towel dried hair apply a volumizing product                    Hero Product – Sebastian Thickefy Foam

2. Power / blast dry hair until it is completely dry                                        Session Stylist Tip – Mist over a small spray of Hairspray    

3. Leave Rollers in hair to cool the curls.

4. Remove Rollers then on a gentle setting, blow-dry out set using your fingers, creating a softer feel.


TREND 2  – URBAN WAVES          (As show here by Givenchy)

1. Taking large sections curl/wave pigtails with straighteners, tongs or wand                                              Session Stylist Tip – Take big sections for soft waves rather than curls

2. When waved take down the pigtails

3. Turn your head upside down and shake your fingers through hair to give a slightly dishevelled feel, looking like beachy ocean hair!

4. If needed finish ends with a light styler                                                  Hero Product – Sebastian Moulding Mudd

TREND 3  – TEASED CHIGNON KNOT        (As seen on runway for YSL)

1. Place clean dry hair into low ponytail about 2 inches above the nape of the neck

2. Twist ponytail until it starts bending and twisting back on itself                                 Session Stylist Tip – Hold the end of the ponytail firmly with one hand then with the other hand rubup the ponytail from end to the base, loosing out fine hairs, giving that teased look.

3. Twist the ponytail around its base securing it with kirby grips as you go, creating a knot/bun/chignon

4. Spray to fix style                                           Hero Product – Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Spray

To find your nearest stockist of Sebastian Professional Hair Products go to

So know you have the ‘know-how’ have fun creating this season’s hottest looks straight from the catwalk!!!

Take 10 years off with these easy makeup tweaks!

This week I am focusing on all things anti-ageing! Why look older than your years when you don’t have to. So many women make the mistake of thinking that makeup will help them appear younger, and when applied correctly I agree it can work in your favour. However, so many times, there are little methods which women use which actually work against your primary concern of hiding the signs of ageing.

Why not check out these Top 5 Anti-ageing Makeup Tricks. Take 10 years off with these easy makeup tweaks! (Courtesy of Total

Avoid shimmery eyeshadow

“As you notice lines around your eyes, avoid frosted or shimmery shadows,” says New York makeup artist Troy Surratt. “The sparkle highlights wrinkles and crepey, crinkly skin instead of masking.” Instead use silky, matte shadows that will blend into your skin and camouflage fine lines. Sweep “a light shade of champagne or peach — universally flattering colours — from lash to brow to brighten the whole eye area,” says Surratt. But if puffiness, especially on your lids, is your problem, use a medium shade such as taupe.

Balance colour with neutrals on your face

Too much of anything is never good — especially with bright makeup like red lipstick, rosy blush and jewel-toned eyes, which tend to look old, says New York makeup pro Nick Barose. Colour is necessary, but keep it sheer and strategic — don’t wear it all over. Example? If you go with a translucent punchy red or petal pink on your cheeks and lips, keep your eyes neutral to balance it out, Kashuk says. The same rule applies if you want to wear a dramatic eye; keep lips and cheeks neutral.

Go easy on foundation and concealer

It’s tempting to pile on base to even your skin tone and hide dark circles or problem spots, but cakey makeup can seep into wrinkles and make them look deeper, Barose says. Yet too little coverage can make you look tired. “Always prep with a moisturizer before ap­plying foundation,” says Barbie Laurino, a global makeup artist for Laura Mercier. Then “to get the lightest, most sheer layer of coverage, use a damp sponge or synthetic brush instead of using your fingers,” Kashuk says. Finish by dotting concealer on the spots that need extra coverage.

Define Eyes

Know how your eyes look when you wake up? Squinty and slightly lower at the corners? While we’d all like to think going natural on our eyes looks fresh and clean, aging eyes will look too tired. If you must ditch a product, let it be foundation; eyeliner is low-maintenance and high impact. It makes eyes look full and wide open. “But dark black liners and mascara make eyes look hard, so consider switching to a subtle brown or brown-black,” Surratt says. And, use powder eyeliner instead of liquid — it’s a challenge to get a fine line with the liquid and too much can look retro, Barose warns. Also, never skip curling your lashes. This allows more light to get to your eyes, making them look brighter and less droopy.

Skip dark lip colours

Lips get thinner and drier with age. Dark lip liner and matte lip­stick draw attention to fine lines. “Lipstick usually has a longer wear than gloss,” explains celebrity makeup artist Sonia Kashuk, but gloss makes lips look more full. She suggests applying lipstick, then topping with gloss for a fresh, youthful shine. If your colour strays into lines, use a clear wax lip liner, like DuWop Reverse Lipliner to keep colour from travelling.



Oxygen WOW for your skin!


This is big news for all you Benefit Cosmetics lovers out there. Benefit has released their first liquid foundation!!

Hello Flawless is a new oil-free liquid foundation which provides a light to medium coverage. It is available in 9 great shades, so you are sure to find one to suit your complexion.

It does state to the box to blend on your face with a brush or your fingertips….. you all know my views on applying makeup with your fingers! 🙂

This foundation blends on the skin beautifully with a brush and is very easy to build the coverage without it looking caked on, it remains natural looking with 2/3 layers.

Benefit have launched this foundation at the perfect time of year. With SPF 15 and UVA PA+++, you can be rest assured that you don’t have to add any extra sun cream in the summer months. It’s got you covered. Not only that but, if you are anything like me and your skin tends to get a little dry in the summer with the heat, the new Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation will leave your skin feeling moisturised and looking healthy and dewy.

Although the SPF in this product is great for everyday wear, for a Makeup Artist, SPF usually screams  DANGER! The particles in the SPF will usually reflect the light from camera flashes etc, which would make it a nightmare to use in the professional environment of photo-shoot’s etc. . . . I am pleased to tell you that I have tried this out and as long as it is applied correctly and evenly, you do not get the dreaded ghost like reflection from the SPF in this foundation. . .  So I pronounce this product, Makeup Artist friendly 🙂The foundation has a plumping effect so it will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Since switching to this foundation I have had so many compliments on my skin and makeup. My advice to you is, you MUST try this out! Pop down to any Benefit Cosmetics counter and they will apply it for you so you can test it out and fall in love for yourself.

I think this product is perfect for Dry to Normal skin. If you have combination or oily skin, I would just suggest a little tester first. That is not to say that it won’t suit your skin type, as I have used it on many people with oily t-zone etc, but I just recommend that you test it for yourself before purchase.

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation is priced at £24.50 for a 30ml pump bottle and is available to purchase online at, Alternatively, you can find Benefit Counters at many department stores including Debenhams, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Boots.