The Latest Catwalk Hair Trends Made As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3 ….

Easy Elegance is the key feel to hair this season, ranging from Polished Ponytails to Romantic Braids and Big Bouncy Blow-dries. Each very much embracing our feminine feel with a simple elegance thats not too perfect!!

Looking to the Catwalk will gives us the Couture take on these Trends. I am going to select a few of these looks and give you hints and tips on how to ‘Session Style’ your own hair!

TREND 1 – BIG BOUNCY WAVES           (As sported here by Versace)

1. On pre shampooed towel dried hair apply a volumizing product                    Hero Product – Sebastian Thickefy Foam

2. Power / blast dry hair until it is completely dry                                        Session Stylist Tip – Mist over a small spray of Hairspray    

3. Leave Rollers in hair to cool the curls.

4. Remove Rollers then on a gentle setting, blow-dry out set using your fingers, creating a softer feel.


TREND 2  – URBAN WAVES          (As show here by Givenchy)

1. Taking large sections curl/wave pigtails with straighteners, tongs or wand                                              Session Stylist Tip – Take big sections for soft waves rather than curls

2. When waved take down the pigtails

3. Turn your head upside down and shake your fingers through hair to give a slightly dishevelled feel, looking like beachy ocean hair!

4. If needed finish ends with a light styler                                                  Hero Product – Sebastian Moulding Mudd

TREND 3  – TEASED CHIGNON KNOT        (As seen on runway for YSL)

1. Place clean dry hair into low ponytail about 2 inches above the nape of the neck

2. Twist ponytail until it starts bending and twisting back on itself                                 Session Stylist Tip – Hold the end of the ponytail firmly with one hand then with the other hand rubup the ponytail from end to the base, loosing out fine hairs, giving that teased look.

3. Twist the ponytail around its base securing it with kirby grips as you go, creating a knot/bun/chignon

4. Spray to fix style                                           Hero Product – Sebastian Shaper Zero Gravity Spray

To find your nearest stockist of Sebastian Professional Hair Products go to

So know you have the ‘know-how’ have fun creating this season’s hottest looks straight from the catwalk!!!

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