Natural -V- False

The Natural way isn’t always the most fun way …. Let’s face it, we go to so much effort to look good when we go out,  from new shoes, dresses accessories, make-up, to false tan, false lashes, false nails… why stop there…. why not have false hair too.

I have to admit, although I have a great hairdresser and I love my hair, sometimes I just wish I could go crazy with it and unless my hairdresser wants to move in with me, that’s just not going to happen.  Therefore, I have decided to join the newest celebrity craze and join the wig crew!

Nicki Minaj, a star studded American Singer/Rapper has the right idea… she landed into our world simply to grace us with some awesome wigs! I love her style, she isn’t afraid of colour injection and her wigs really just bring her look to life! If it’s not her wig’s that bring the colour then her clothes and make-up will not let us down. I would love to know how she gets away with all these colours and yet doesn’t over power us! She’s fab!

Another personal favourite has to be Katy Perry! The famous long wavy blue wig just looks like it was made for her. This has to be one of my favourite coloured wigs…. now if I could just find the courage to wear it!

I love the shape of all Jessie J’s wigs, the perfect bob hairstyle that we strive so hard for and yet can never quite reach…. She has it mastered! Purple is my favourite colour so I just LOVE this one!

So we know there are lots of gorgeously stylish and colourful wigs out there which totally rock our socks. I don’t mind that these wigs are quite obviously fake, what  I just haven’t quite got the love for though are wigs which are supposed to look real, but we all know are false… Selena Gomez in her blonde wig just makes me shudder a little. I don’t get it at all. I definitely think she should stick to her luscious dark locks.

What do you think of wigs? Do you already own some? or perhaps would just love to try one out but haven’t built up the courage quite yet…. why not share your thoughts with us! I definitely want to purchase this Jessie J style wig below!

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