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Have some Festival Fun with your hair this summer!

Summer is on its way and we are all planning special events and holidays to pick us up after the winter. One of the best ways to do this is a Festival!

But if you’re a ‘girlie’ girl like me one of the dreads is how my hair is going to look the whole time.

Here are a few festival hair tips that will help you look hot when you’re rocking it out! Oh and this will work for camping or Backpacking too!

SESSION STYLIST TIP: The night before, give your hair a good shampoo!

HERO PRODUCT: A must have for in your bag is Batiste dry shampoo. No festival chick would dare to go without it!

One of the most tried and tested styles which has stood the test off time, is the good old Pony Tail.

Here are a few pointers to help you get that stylish look.

Straight Hair Ponytail – Pop your hair into a centre parting, which is becoming very chic again, brush hair smooth down over one shoulde, gather just below ear level and secure with a band.

SESSION STYLIST TIP: A good natural bristle brush is the best for this.

HERO PRODUCT: Seal in fly away hairs with 5p size of Eva Jazz Power Style

Rub between both hands run down your hair to slick down fluffy areas to keep you groomed from day to night.

Curly/Wavy Ponytail – Groom, brush hair through with fingers softly pulling hair back, if finer shorter hair’s fall, let them this will give a softer more gentle look. Secure with a band and your ready to roll!

Festival Waves these are always a good low maintenance look when done right!

For Naturally Wavy/Curly hair

HERO PRODUCT Eva Jazz Actiwave, a lightweight curl activator with will seal in your curls and waves.

Rub the Actiwave between your hands and rub through your hair even distributing in the hair.

SESSION STYLIST TIP Twist hair in large sections round your finger, this will pull the root hair down giving move defined movement and curls.

If you are creating Curls or Waves using your own preferred method, straighteners,wand or tongs.

 Whatever is your chosen look curly or wavy all over, when achieved mist over hair with some Spray then throw your head upside down and shake out!

‘Whip’ your head back up…. tweak hair and seal in style with some Spray.

Braids & Plaits are having a fantastic run on the catwalk at the moment but they are the ultimate Festival look, from the loose fishtail to French to headband plaits.

Fishtail – (as above on Ferne Cotton) This is a fantastic plait that looks great roughed up!

Pull hair to one side and instead of plaiting with the traditional three strands, you plait with two!

HERO PRODUCT: to ‘dirty’ up the clean hair to give that rough look mix together Eva Jazz Rock Paste & Eva Jazz Hair gum.

Rub it through the hair before plaiting to give a tousled rock chick look!

Headband plait – take a section at one side of the head just about an inch back from the front hairline, make to nice and chunky & plait section normally then pull across forehead and secure end of plait with a Kirby clip under some hair to cover your clip and band.

There you go you have Boho Chic Festival look.

My last and final tip is  ……  accessorising!!!

From Floral Headbands for that Hippie feel to Headscarves, Floppy Hats and Headbands , they all over a multitude of sins!

My only tip with accessories is to have fun with them, Festivals are a great time to play with them!

For more information on Eva Professional Products, go to


Stephen Potter Photography

What a beautiful morning to be invited to the press release for Northern Ireland’s most exciting event for men this year, ‘Man Time’.

The sun was shining on the roof top bar, The Ivory in Belfast’s extravagant Victoria Square. Between the beautiful views of Belfast on a summers day and being surrounded by handsome male models , draped in some very stylish pieces from Christian Dior, YSL and Hugo Boss; Our Events Ni gave us just a taster of what is to come in the main event, which will take place in The Ivory this coming Fathers day (June 17th). We were enticed with enough to rest in the knowledge that this event is not to be missed.

Stephen Potter Photography

Clothes at the event will be from both worldwide designers such as Pepe Jeans, Clockwork Orange,  Cruise, Christian Dior and Hugo Boss. our Events NI never forget the talent we have right here on our door step so expect to see some fantastic creations from  local Northern Ireland designers such as Van Der Simon Knitwear, Dave Henderson and Nor Lisa fashion. Three University of Ulsters Design Students have also landed themselves with the opportunity to have their newest creative and innovative Menswear pieces make their début on the contemporary catwalk.

It’s not all about the clothes though, we will see a range of stylish footwear by Dune. Meanwhile The Watch Store will be showcasing some of their best designs from Gucci to Calvin Klein.

Women shouldn’t be afraid to go along to this show with their men, the clothes might be all man, but Jason Shankey Male grooming will ensure that us women will have something to look at too.  Brenda Shankey said ” It’s very exciting for Belfast to host the very first Men’s show. We are looking forward to being part of such a prestigious event”.

Stephen Potter Photography

Catching up with Our Events NI’s Managing Director and event organiser Kerrie Mann she tells us ” Its been a long time coming and we are beyond excited to be involved in providing Belfast with its first Men Only fashion based event. An exciting event, which will undoubtedly draw attention for the fashion conscious guys of Northern Ireland”.

The exciting new show commence at 7pm. Guests will arrive via the red carpet to a stylish drinks reception and will be treated to a goodie bag on arrival appropriately named, the man bag. Guests will be entertained by DJ’s and carefully selected guest performers. With the catwalk starting at 9pm. Tickets are priced at £10 and can be bought online at

Maximise and Volumise with todays feature product!

I must tell you, I have a Love / Hate relationship with my hair. It is perfectly straight and I can leave it to dry naturally and it will simply fall into place. However, it does so without any volume. I have such a problem finding volumising products for my hair type. They are usually too sticky and too heavy.

Then I was shown Osis Dust-it by Schwarzkopf. This has transformed my hair and it does so in seconds! When sprinkled onto dry hair at the roots and manipulated, it creates instant lightweight, but very long lasting lift with a matt texture.

It is also perfect for adding texture for grip. I have a problem with clips sliding straight out of my hair minutes after they go in because my hair is so soft, but with a drop of Dust-it I have immediate texture and grip for clips to hold.

This is definitely a magical product for me. There are a lot of imitation products from different brands trying to create the same formula, none of the Brand I have tried have came anywhere close to perfecting it like Schwarzkopf have.

A word of warning, I have heard lots of stories of people buying this cheap on eBay etc and it is not the original product inside, it has been replaced with the likes of flour and sugar; so please make sure that you are buying this product from a reputable source.

The official directions for use are this:

Rub the powder in your hands and it turns into a cream. Apply to dry hair. Style and texture like you want.

Can also turn the head up-side-down, apply like salt & pepper, distribute into the roots for a strong and wild finish.

For a stronger matt look apply product into damp hair. Rake into shape and leave to dry.

Osis Dust-It is widely available online and is priced at

£10.45 (with free p&p) for a 10g bottle on

Happy Dusting!

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