Finally Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week give us models to aspire to…

Yesterday Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (which is being held in Sydney, Australia) finally restored my faith in Fashion Models and the organisers behind such events.

Year after year we have been faced with size zero models, some of which are lucky enough to actually make the clothes look nice, others just horrify the world with their skeletal frame. I find when models like this are used, it definitely sends the wrong message out to the younger generation females of today and also it doesn’t sell the clothes they are wearing as half the population of females watching can’t picture the clothes on a fuller figure.

                             SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MAY 02: Models showcase designs by Kooey Australia on the catwalk on day                                                               three of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia Spring/Summer 2012/13 at Overseas Passenger                                                               Terminal on May 2, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images) 2012 Getty Images

In the Finale of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week yesterday, watching the showcase of designs by Kooey Australia has really shown the world that diversity is key! They have used a range of models of all sizes and for the first time, Ive looked at swimwear on a catwalk and thought, actually…. I would love to wear that! And that is down to seeing it on models of healthy proportions.

So I just wanted to say HURRAY! to the organisers of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – Keep up the great work!



3 responses to “Finally Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week give us models to aspire to…

  1. That’s awful! I have little ones and that is sickening to think anybody could look up to these models-they look like freaks. I am immersed in thee fashion world, and used to be a model and never looked like that. I guess if you want to make it big, it has come to this! How can this be allowed!
    Thank You for blogging this!

    • I know, this has been such a big issue for the main Catwalks of the world, but its great to see such a huge event like MB Fashion Week take a stand and give us such beautiful models this season (ones who have a bit of meat on their bones 😉 )

  2. Also, your absolutely right! Who fits into these clothes anyway? Us girls who have meat on our bones must out weigh the people that could fit into these tini tiny sizes, we need to voice our opinions!

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