5 steps to be the most Beautiful Bride…

I have worked with literally thousands of brides-to-be on the search for their wedding dress, so I know what girls are hoping for on their wedding day – they want to look like the very best version of themselves; gorgeous, polished and glamorous! But that doesn’t mean that every bride wants the same thing! If that was the case we’d only need to stock one bridal gown style in various sizes, instead of the 100+ styles we need. We all want our wedding day look to be the perfect definition of who we are and what we like – the wedding dress must succinctly describe our entire style sensibility in one glance. That’s a lot of pressure!

So here are my top five suggestions to help you be the most beautiful you on your wedding day!

1. Be Individual

Don’t change your appearance just to fit in with what tradition dictates a bride should be. Embrace the individual you are and be content to be yourself. Whether your look is sexy, rock chick, sweet, girlie or traditional, don’t be afraid to incorporate your own style into your wedding day look! There are so many ways to express this without being overly contrived or themed, or feeling that you are breaking the rules!

Don’t cover a fabulous tattoo! If you love it and it represents you – why would you want to cover it up? Display it in all its glory! If you’ve always rocked a shorter hairdo, don’t grow it out just because that’s what brides do. Short haired brides look just as stunning so don’t be afraid to keep your hair short. If you wear glasses don’t be pressured to wear contacts – if your face is not your own without your glasses then wear them on your wedding day!

I love seeing brides who showcase their own quirkiness in their wedding day attire! One of my recent brides wore Converse on her big day – she wasn’t a heels kind of girl so why should she conform to the norm on her wedding day?!

2. Customise

Tweaking details and fit are the best way to really put your stamp on a wedding dress – a lot of my brides end up adding straps, changing the neckline and adding detail to their dress and I absolutely encourage you to do so! I am a creative person so I can visualise how minor tweaks can improve a design and make it more appropriate, comfortable and flattering for you. So don’t be afraid to play around with fabric and beaded motifs when you are having your fittings. Lots of things are possible with a talented seamstress on hand to help, guide, and work some magic!

3. Exaggerate the silhouette

In my opinion there is no point in wearing a wedding dress that doesn’t give you the perfect hourglass silhouette! That perfect figure is what wedding dresses are all about! When you have a bridal gown consultation, your bridal stylists primary aim is to find the silhouette of gown that enhances and exaggerates the best of your figure, so put your trust in her and she will guide you to the best shape for you. It’s all about cut, fit, proportion, balance and a little bit of optical illusion sometimes too, with the ultimate aim to create a sleek and balanced figure, even if you aren’t blessed with one.

4. Don’t over-accessorise

A stunning wedding dress on a happy bride needs very little accessorising.  A dainty bracelet, a comb in your hair and a veil are really all most gowns need to finish the look. I hate to see girls ruin the look by plonking on every piece of costume jewellery they can find – you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree! The vast majority of your photographs on the day will focus on you from the chest up – and bombarding the area around your face with too much sparkle can have the effect of making it look like you raided the dressing up box. You want the focus to be on your face, not what frames it. One or two statement pieces are all that you need. I always like to remember Coco Chanel’s advice that less is more.

5. Think of the Season & Environment

Be weather and season appropriate for comfort and aesthetics. You’d look ridiculous and probably roasted alive if you were to wear a very heavy gown to get married in a beach in the sunshine. Equally you’d look a bit out of place in a wispy chiffon gown with snow at your feet and the wind sending your dress up around your waist, never mind the fact you’d be freezing. Use your common sense and take advice from your consultant, as to what will be the most appropriate and comfortable gown choice. For winter weddings I’d advise to at least look like you thought about the fact it’s cold, by adding a jacket or sleeve of some kind.

What I believe makes a beautiful bride is ultimately about being comfortable and happy – your wedding day is about so much more than what you are wearing! Your wedding dress should enhance you and allow you to enjoy the day to the fullest, so if you are confident that you look good and that your wedding dress is doing you every possible favour it can, then relax and forget about it and focus on taking in every single second of the day! From what I hear it goes far too quickly, and you don’t want to waste a second feeling self conscious or uncomfortable.


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