Colour Your World With These Easy Ways To Dip-Dye Your Hair

The Big Colour Trend that’s been continuing for a while is the “Dip Dye” effect being fashioned by Celebs!

New show ‘The Voice’, seen Jessie J donning a stunning purple dipped dye wig instead of her usual sharp cut bob wig. Later in the blog I am explaining how to achieve this look by cheating like Jessie!!

Like Lauren Conrad dip dying is a great way to have all the “crazy colours” that you’d never have the nerve to go in a full head colour.

Purples, Pinks & Blues are all great fun colours to experiment with in this technique. Even if you’re a little colour shy, it does mean you can’t have this look.

Caroline Flack is the perfect example of how to achieve this dip-dye with a very natural feel. Keeping to the natural tones of Bitter Chocolates out to sun-kissed Honey Blonde ends.

The bonus to this technique when going for it with permanent colour is the ease of commitment with it; unlike traditional foils which are to the root where you develop a regrowth of natural hair and need to refresh it regularly.

With Dip Dye you are wanting to create that large root effect anyway, so if you utilize your own natural colour for the root/mid-length colour you have a low-cost colour maintenance !

If all this seem like to much hard work or your only wanting to achieve this look for the likes of a festival or night out look, I have two different ways you can get it!

First option is Clip-in extensions. You can get pre dipped dyed extensions and just pop them in! Or if you are looking the funky bright shades, buy the desired shade but buy it 1” to 2” longer than your own hair and clip them in just above your hairline the whole way around, letting your own hair fall over them achieving the root/mid-length area.


For extensions go to or add them as a friend on Facebook!

Your Second option is fantastic for a night out to coordinate your hair and outfit, or for teenagers who aren’t allowed to colour their hair!!

HERO PRODUCT                                        

Kevin Murphy Color Bug

Priced at £12.95 and available at

Color Bug is so quick and easy to use, it’s a dream! It comes in three different shades and I just hope they develop more as it is a hero product of mine!!

You swipe it on clean dry hair to the areas you want coloured and viola it’s done, you have that dip dye look until your next Shampoo …… no damage … no commitment!

Now I think you have enough information to go Colour Your World !!!

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