Glam up your Wedding Day with these Red Carpet Hairstyles…

It’s that time of year again, Wedding Season, and I’m sure more than one or two of us are invited to at least one this year. So to inspire you for glam hair, you can achieve yourself I looked to the Red Carpet Events.

Firstly we start off with Kylie, who effortlessly shows off this very simple but chic look.

The two key elements to this look are volume and the centre parting.

Achieving the volume in the look is going to be your foundation to this style. Start building the volume into the hair by starting to dry the hair putting your head upside down and drying the majority of the moisture out that way. When you lift you head back up amazing volume ! Then smooth out the ends and rest of the hair, with a big round brush.

HERO PRODUCT to sustain the volume all day and into the night, use Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It . Just lightly sprinkle the dust on the root area of the hair and Instant Volume that holds !!

Again the second key element to this style is the centre parting which is so hot on and off the catwalks at the moment …… gives it a go !

For shorter ‘bob’ length hair, you almost feel a little restricted as to what you can do to change it.

Nicole Kidman at Cannes has definitely given us a look bang on Trend with the Vintage feel, Perfect for your shorter hair.

We start by curling all the hair.

SESSION STYLIST TIP Ensure to only curl from the middle of the hair down that way you won’t lose too much length from it ‘springing’ up.

Run fingers all through the hair to get volume and a back-combed vintage look.

Take first section of your side parting and slick it back and tuck behind your ear, when slicking back brush with a natural bristle brush !

Then brush and slick parting side and clip, use a nice diamanté clip to add some bling and Vintage Glamour!

HERO PRODUCT: Schwarzkopf Osis 4-Play. Place just least than a 5p size amount of product in your hand, rub well into both hands then rub on smoothed areas to give a complete sleek finished look.

 And to the Final Look, no wedding would be complete without giving you an upstyle !

To take a little bit of a twist on this style I decided to give you a style that was a little bit edgy and not traditionally wedding like !


I just love this glamorous but rebellious up-style which Kirsten Stewart pulled off !

Start by curling the hair, take big sections when curling so not to give a uniformed curl. When curled, spray with hairspray to seal in. Running your fingers through the curls quite strongly you want to have that nearly pulled out curl feel.

Now to start clipping it up !

Area 1: Take an area from temple to temple; this will be the section that creates your lift at the front giving you a bit of glam.

Pull this section back to clip just at crown area, put before clipping push forward to loosen hair to create the quiff.

Area 2 is from the temple to the ear, pull all this hair back to just below where you clipped the first section. Mirror this on the opposite side.

SESSION STYLIST TIP: Leave a gap in the middle of approx 2 inches to let fall and cascade down.

Area 3 is remaining hair from the ear to the bottom hairline , pull this straight back into the middle of the head clipping straight below where you clipped the last section creating nearly a Mohawk effect. Do exactly the same on the other side and you have yourself an up-style !

HERO PRODUCT: Now you have it all up, spray with Schwarzkopf Osis Sparkler Shine for that glossy red carpet finish !

 So girlies lets Glam up these weddings making them a truly Red Carpet Event with our hair !!!!!

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