Festival Fashion Survival Kit

Festival season is upon us and with the UK’s unpredictable weather, one must be prepared for the best – but also the worst! I’m here to provide you with a useful yet still stylish take on a festival survival guide.

My first must-have would have to be a pair of Wellie Boots. There are so many on the market at the moment from all different brands, but you don’t need to pay a fortune to get a cute pair that will do the job!My Favourites have to be the kind which are printed with adorable ditsy prints, big bold statement and placement prints, they really get my heart in a fluster. My favourite pair which I managed to find, are these pretty pink repeat print Sweet pea Wellies by “Doris”. They are currently available in Topshop at a bargain price of only £26.00.

Pink repeat print Sweet Pea Wellies by “Doris” at Topshop

Not only are they super trendy they are also 100% rubber/waterproof so you will surely maintain some happy feet.

Alternatively if you already have a much loved pair of trustly wellies why not give them a new life and glam them up with these fun decorative stickers from urbanoutifitter.com priced at only £6.00. Stickers include peacock feathers bows lace etc.

Boot Glam Stickers at UrbanOutfitters.com

Whether it is beaming with sun-rays or pouring with rain, a good Mac is always a smart move as it will keep you dry as well as not being too warm and easy to carry around too if you need. I’m constantly on the lookout for a good mac or rain coat as our weather tends to be wet no matter what the season. At the moment there are a few I will be picking up myself but my favourite which happens to be currently on sale at ASOS.com would have to be an incredibly cute polka dot “Cath Kidston” raincoat in peacock blue and white. At only £22.00 reduced from £35.00 you need to be quick as it won’t be on sale for long.

Cath Kidston raincoat in peacock blue and white at ASOS.com

Not essential or survival, but very on trend. Dress up your head with a delicate make believe daisy chain. Nearly every high street store has these in stock at the moment. I did purchase a cheap Primark one but it fell apart pretty quickly so save your cash and buy this white ditsy floral garland one from “New Look” priced £4.99. This one also comes in a peach colour but they do also sell slightly different styles in pinks, brights and feathers. Some are even buy on get one free. So pop over to the website and have a nosey.

White Ditsy Floral Garland at New Look

At a festival, you need all the hand space you can get for dancing, drinks and hopefully not too horrible festival food. I find a messenger bag is the best way to store all your sun-cream, lip-gloss, phone and the rest of your bits and pieces. When it comes to bags personally I like to spent a little bit more to gain good quality as its something I would like to keep using over and over again. This black messenger bag with fringes on the lapel from Zara is small enough to use again after the festival but still has enough room for everything you will need. The shape is quite classy and the fringes adds a nice hippy chic look to it. At only £49.99, save the pennies and invest instead of getting a cheaper version that most likely wont last as long.

Black Messenger bag from Zara

Let’s face it even when the suns not beaming sunglasses are way cool and get you in the mood for all the festival fun. With so many styles to choose from, it can be difficult to choose and you can’t really go wrong when it comes to festivals, so don’t worry. Again a bit expensive but worth it by far, Ray Ban are my favoured sun-glass provider. With so many shapes, styles and colours you are 100% guaranteed to get a pair that suits you. My most recent buy for S/S were these beautiful crystal brown lens, Havana brown frame with the Ray Ban logo on the arms glasses. Reduced from £130.00 to £110.00 on shadestation.co.uk they are still quite costly but you have to think of them as being an investment not a splurge as these beauty’s will never go out of style.

Brown Ray from shadestation.co.uk

Finally this bargain box of festival essentials will see that you survive a good few days without your home comforts. Packaged in a lovely illustrated cardboard case it features handy products like flushable toilet seat covers, lip balm, tissues, paper soap, hand & body wipes and wet wipes; there’s even an air freshener for the car ride home! Can’t go wrong for price at only £15.00 at urbanoutfitters.com and look how cute and quirky the packaging is ❤

Festival Essentials Kit UrbanOutfitters.com

Hopefully this has been helpful and will enlighten your fun festival experience. I am in such a festival mood right now so everyone have fun and keep safe.

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