You are Number 1!

I recently had a bridal consultation with an unfortunate girl who was having the hardest time finding a wedding dress that suited her chosen theme and that also suited her. It got me thinking about the traditional order in which you are supposed to tackle the job on your wedding planning list, and how difficult you can make things by going out of sync.

This particular girl was letting the little details of how her reception would look dictate the wedding dress. In this case her vintage tea party theme expected a vintage looking wedding dress, but her body type just didn’t look good in any of them. She was putting too much focus onto theming her big day and forgetting to let herself enjoy the process. She was stressed and full of anxiety about finding a dress, whereas if she had taken the approach of letting the dress find her she’d have easily found her perfect wedding gown. Instead her tunnel vision was ruining what should be a really easy and fun experience.

Choosing your wedding dress shouldn’t be about looking like you’ve carefully constructed your wedding day vision – it is much more important that your dress suits and flatters you. So choose your dress first and let the rest of your wedding day look fall into place around it.

Likewise you shouldn’t choose your bridesmaids gowns before your wedding gown. The colour of your dress and its silhouette will dictate what your bridesmaids wear, so picking them first is a dangerous thing to do. If your bridesmaids are wearing full skirted dresses then it’ll look a bit odd if you are wearing a fitted fishtail. Likewise if you have chosen a bright purple shade for your girls you’ll be limiting yourself to cooler toned wedding dresses, as the warm toned shades can look sickly against it. It’s not wise to limit your own gown options right from the beginning.

The only things that you really must tackle before choosing your wedding dress are booking your church and reception venue, and if you want to be really organised your photographer and entertainment – everything else will fall into place once you’ve decided on your dress!

Allow yourself to be the centre of attention, you deserve it. Get your girls together and be rest assured that you are allowed to make the dress shopping all about you! Make a day of it, dress shopping should be enjoyable and very exciting!

So off you go – Relax and Have Fun!

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