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A/W Fashion Trends (Spoiler Alert!)

With The sunshine and good weather quickly fading, you can’t help but cast an eye towards A/W 2012!  Personally I welcome A/W with open arms as with a new season, comes new trends!  Here you can find some of the hottest trends that we think will be big this coming season.   Remember, you heard it here first!

Leather is back this A/W and in a variety of looks, wear your leather contrasted with a soft and feminine floor length dress for that Va-va-voom look or wear the leather on its own with a pair of sheer black tights for that grungy effect .

We are loving the Gothic trend this A/W, it has grace but it also has that edgy dark look to it. There’s a lot of Lace and heavy embellishment along with some Devore velvet for that intense richness. The fabric mostly used in this Gothic trend is sheer and lengthy which gives that dramatic feel. I know that I will be rocking the Gothic trend this A/W.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy is all in for A/W. If you want a release from the real world, style up with this Sci-Fi trend which will surely  turn heads. The shapes are structured and also minimalistic with colourful metallic panels matched up with plain block colours to highlight the metalics.

Floral -v- Geometric this A/W is all about the bold coloured statement prints. Match your printed dress or trousers up with a pair of killer printed heels for that clashing effect or with a pair of subtle high ankle boots. It’s all about Flamboyant prints either solo or head to toe which ever suits you best. Be sure that you’re working this trend to brighten up those winter blue days, I surely will be. I adore bold prints so I will be printed from head to toe this A/W.

Fur Fur and more Fur!  But remember to fake it!  Nobody looks good with a dead animal wrapped around their neck! And in this day and age you don’t need to with soooo many great quality faux furs on the market you too can look lush without the guilt on your shoulders!!

So now you have an excuse to go shopping yet again!  Have fun!


Relax in Retro Style …..

After booking myself some winter sun, I have been on the hunt for some stylish swimwear. I stumbled across this gorgeous swimwear by Norma Kamali. This suit is exclusive to

Norma Kamali Swimsuit

Norma Kamali Swimsuit

I love everything about this. The vivid colour, the retro design, the concealing ruffle and even how it comes down to cover your thighs and bum while still being attractive and glamorous! Another love I have for this swimsuit is the plunging neckline, it oozes sex appeal for sure! Definitely something we all like to have when we are relaxing on the beach.

This retro-inspired ruched cut ensures Norma Kamali’s jungle-green swimsuit is a sophisticated and flattering choice for your next vacation. The bright hue feels energetic and fresh – play it up with an armful of bangles and a printed kaftan.

If you aren’t so comfortable with showing off your cleavage, Norma Kamali has designed another version which leaves a bit more to the imagination. This suit not only covers more on front, but also has a much higher back than the previous suit.

Both of these stunning swimsuits are priced at £295. You can see more of Norma Kamali’s collections online at

Dress of the Month ~ July


This funky gown is Nerida! A stunning bordeaux taffeta semi fitted gown that features a flamenco inspired ruffled skirt.
The sweetheart strapless neckline is flattering to both larger busts and more athletic body types, while the curved fit of the hip exaggerates an hourglass figure.
This gorgeous asymmetric style is my current favourite because it gives girls with a funky personality the chance to showcase their quirkiness with a gown that is modern and funky but is still very bridal. For more information about this dress or to try it for yourself, please contact Catherine at Cathedral Gowns (Tel: 028 4461 2532)


For a Daytime Make-up Look which is ‘Barely There’….

I am always asked of good ways to apply a natural daytime make-up look, so today I am sharing with you one of my top finds for this look and it is totally affordable!

The secret to Natural Make-up, is not to wear very little, but to use colours which are natural and will enhance you r facial features.

My prize find for this look is a little hidden gem by cosmetics brand ’17’. It is a trio of eye-shadow’s and the name is ‘Barely There’. In this trio you get a nude eye-shadow, a pink eye-shadow and a light brown eye-shadow.

Using this trio properly you can shape and enhance your eyes very easily. It will look like you have hardly any make-up on yet with amazing shape and definition to your eyes. You can always add a little more of the brown if you need to up your game a little if you are heading out.

I love the nude colour shadow in this trio. It gives off such a subtle sheen, which means that it is great for use to highlight under your brow too.

Recommended use for this product is as follows:

Step 1: Apply the nude colour eye-shadow all over your eyelid, a little under your brow bone to enhance your brows and finally apply some under your eye from corner to corner.

Step 2: Using the Pink coloured eye-shadow apply this liberally above the crease of your eye, from the outer corner and about 3/4 the way across your eyes socket.

Step 3: Using the Brown eye-shadow, apply this deep in the crease of your eye, from the outer corner inward to the middle of your eye. Also using this shadow, apply under the eye – again from the outer corner to the middle of your eye and blend in with the shadow from step one.

That’s it! It is so simple and easy to use. The trio set is a great size for carrying round in your handbag (Although try not to be too rough with it as I find they smash easily) and a bargain at only £5.49 in Boots. These trios come in 12 different colour sets. If you have more of an almond undertone to your skin, try out the ‘In the Nude’ instead of ‘Barely There’ for a great natural look.

All 3 steps can be completed using one eye-shadow brush. Make sure to use a fluffy eye-shadow brush as this will help to blend the eye-shadow’s together when you are applying them, leaving you with a beautifully natural look. Using a smooth brush or a sponge will give you more of an uneven, unblended and unnatural look.

For an added extra and to make your eyes really shine, try applying a White Eye-liner pencil to your bottom waterline.

Try it out and make sure to let me know how you get on….

Heels, Heels and some more Heels!

Every girl loves Heels and that’s a simple fact! From kitten heels to sky scrapers there are shoes to suit everyone’s taste. Myself personally, I find it pointless unless they are crazy, life-riskingly high! This season has shown so far, to be a great one for shoes and at the moment I am very much in love with colour blocking and find it a key hit all year long.

The first pair of shoes I chose are these stunning pair of suede wedges. Wedges are always great for summer and so much easier to wear than a stiletto, which make them essential for the summer holiday suitcase! The colours are very on trend for the nautical look and personally I would wear these with a short cute white dress to give it a romantic beach look. At only £45 these heels are a complete steal and available right now at – Pandora wedge with colour block £45.00

Next on the list for fab time shoes are these metallic beauties! Metallic is a great style and these shoes could instantly glam up any look in seconds. As they have the straps and the front wedge this will make them easier to wear also which is always a plus. The green colour is right on track also for A/W 2012 so they will bring you right into the new season also! At a bargain price of £32.00 reduced from £40.00, these little stunners wont be around for long to make sure you take a sec to pop over to or go in store. – tumble weed greaan crack £32


Two of the biggest trends for S/S 2012 were pastels and metal toes. These next heels hit both on the nail. They are so stunning my heart skipped a beat when I seen them. In a pale yellow these are sure to win the hearts of a lot of women. I can’t decide what I like the most about them? The season hitting metal toe? The elegant slim heel? Or even the delicate shade of yellow. In whole, these are an inspiration pair of heels which are very unique, so highly recommended to purchase as these are a true investment. Better again they are on sale! At only £39.99 reduced from £69.99 pure bargain. Visit to view metal toe. - Metal Toe - £39.99

Pretty in pink? I think so! Bright, big and bold, these block heels are simply beautiful. Take the opportunity to colour block like mad with these or play in safe with a smart black or white shift dress, either way you are bound to draw attention strutting your stuff in these. Again, the sale is the reason my attention was drawn to these heels, so don’t forget to browse these whole collection as there are so many I want, I could go on for days. These are called suede sling back and I was shocked to see they are only £19.99 from £49.99 , add to shopping basket I think. – suede sling back £19.99


Killer wedges are so hot this season; add a bit of punk rock by wearing these edgy pair. Team with a leather jacket and lots of gold jewellery for that classic rocker look. The thick platform and high wedge means you will get the height but also with the comfort. They are on sale at for a mere £35.00 can be worn day or night so i’m sure they well get well worn. – Black studded front wedge £35.00

That concludes my current favourite high heels. So happy shopping, until next time!

Bridal Shop Queries and Misconceptions answered….

Ever wondered why bridal shops do the things they do and operate so differently from normal clothes shops?

Today, I will try to address some of the most common questions and misconceptions – but if you have a question you’d like me to answer in my next blog please email me on and I’ll do my very best to answer.

Why do I have to have an appointment?

Most bridal shops operate by appointment on a day to day basis. This isn’t a ploy to put you off or to seem aloof or snobby, but is a basic practical consideration that allows the shop and the staff to do their job. Buying a wedding dress isn’t as straightforward as buying an outfit in a normal shop. First of all, they are nearly impossible to fasten without assistance – lace up backs especially would prove more than a little challenging, so you definitely need the assistance of a member of staff to physically get into the dresses. Secondly, choosing your wedding dress should be a fairly private experience, so having a private consultation in a bridal shop means you won’t have your Aunties neighbour noseying at what you are trying on and potentially spreading details of your dress around the town. Another practical consideration is having a fitting room allocated to you for a reasonable amount of time. In normal shops where you might try on several normal outfits you’ll take up around ten minutes of time in a fitting room, whereas when it comes to wedding dresses you’ll need at the very least one hour of trying on time. Some wedding dresses take four or five minutes to fasten and you’ll need more than a passing glance at the gown before you decide it’s the one! You’ll want to try on at least five or six dresses during your appointment time so that you can see which silhouettes and necklines suit you the best. So it’s easy to see why it’s essential that you have at least an hour of fitting room time allocated to you.

The dresses on the rails are just samples.

This is one of the most common and frustrating misconceptions about the dresses hanging on a rail in a bridal shop. So many people assume that the designers give us the dresses and that we don’t have to pay for them – how much do I wish this was true!?! Unfortunately for us we have to pay full price for every single gown and accessory in the shop, which explains why we are so precious about each and every gown we have. We take really good care of our dresses, so it makes us frustrated when we see people stepping on the trains, grabbing them with mucky hands, or getting their fake tan and make up all over them. Every single dress we have will eventually get to be worn down its very own aisle, so we try to treat each dress with respect and care, and do our very best to keep them absolutely pristine. So please don’t be offended if you are asked to give your hands a quick wipe with a baby wipe or even offered gloves to wear when you enter a bridal shop – it’s only because the staff are trying to keep the dresses as perfect as possible for the bride who will eventually buy the dress to wear for her own big day.

Why do the dresses take so long to be made?

Your dress doesn’t exist until you order it. Bridal gowns are not mass produced and are genuinely made to order. Once you’ve placed your order with the bridal boutique the order will then be processed and sent to the designer who will then begin the process of making your dress. They’ll gather the components required to make it – the pattern, the fabric, zips and fastenings and any decorative embellishments such as crystals or appliqués. This process alone can take a few weeks, especially if they need to specially source one of the components. Your dress is assembled in one location, but the components can come from opposite ends of the planet, so obviously that affects how quickly your dress can physically be made. Once all the pieces are ready to go your dress can be constructed, a process that can also take weeks, especially if there is hand beading involved. Some gowns have beading that literally takes more than 300 hours to be sewn on! So it’s not surprising that most designers take around five months to make your dress – although things like how busy they are can affect the time-scale too. Their busy times of year are usually in the spring and summer, so if you happen to place your order right at the time that they are inundated with gown orders, you’ll find that your gown can take up to an extra three months to be made.

Volume in a Bottle!

Volume powders have been the craze for the last 12 months but finding one that fits all my requirements is no mean task…….. But I am pleased to say I have found the most perfect volumising powder. Let me introduce Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy.

If you are looking for oomph in a bottle and this is the product for the job!

Before, when using powders I always found they were either to light not giving enough ‘grit’ to the hair or too much making your hair feel like it instantly needed shampooed , but the guys at Kevin Murphy have got it spot on !!!

This little gem will give you that bedroom hair instantly, with its lightweight matte texture you hardly feel it in your hair all you see is results.

For long luscious locks it will give you that casual volume that looks effortless, and for us short haired girlies it give us that messy textured feel.

With a small sprinkling in at the roots on dry or damp hair we all can become sirens with our come to bed hair!!!

Powder Puff is priced around £11 for 14g bottle.

For more information on Kevin Murphy’s great products, pop over to their website

For a great ‘How-To’ Video from Kevin Murphy on how to use Powder Puff – Check out this great You Tube video.