The Boys are back in town!

The Boys Are Back in Town

 Up until now, I’ve only ever covered styling mostly for the fairer sex …… now it’s time to address the male side of styling.

Thanks to the like of David Beckham men have taken a step out of the dark and are embracing grooming with open arms and may I say it’s very much welcomed by us Girlies!!

Men’s hair trends, unlike Women’s, don’t evolve that quickly you find they stay around for two or three seasons changing reasonably slowly. So if you pluck up the courage to change can settle with it for a few seasons



This style is kicked back and relaxed; it almost comes with a swagger! It is championed by a lot of the Brit rockers and Brit designers such as, Burberry. It’s a great style as it suits most hair types from fine straight to wavy.

The only rule to this style is that it be swept forward on the top with a slight tousled feel. For the sides and back, there are no hard and fast rules is really down to want ever suits you best ………. making this a versatile style to suit nearly everyone.

HERO PRODUCT: The perfect product for the Brit rock is Sebastian Craft Clay. It gives restyle texture with a matte finish hold.

 SESSION STYLIST TIP:  Emulsify a 5p size of product well into both hands, rub into hair moving hair back forth to get product well through hair then start moving hair into desired shape.


This is an expression I’m sure we are familiar with and it has made a revival in 2012. With the likes of television programmes such as Boardwalk Empire the 1920’s look is back.

The traditional barbered style has a slight modern edge to it. This is keeping with tradition in the sides and back is neatly clippered in but the twist is a longer top. It is styled with a sharp side parting slicked smoothed for that complete groomed look.

HERO PRODUCT for that firm gel hold Sebastian Liquid Steel applied to damp hair combed in to place will give you seriously strong hold. For that softer feel to the style Sebastian Moulding Mud on damp hair will give you a shiny moulded street chic style.

SESSION STYLIST TIP with a gel work always on damp hair swiftly to avoid having to over load with product.

And finally………


This is for our curly haired guys out there.

This is an Indie Rock look hair verging nearly on boho. It’s a curly style with heaps of confidence and a slight 70’s vibe, perfected by Gucci on the runway.

It’s not curly enough to be an afro but more a styled look. The main secret behind this trend is to have a good shaped cut in the hair then when styling it with fall into shape effortlessly.

HERO PRODUCT Sebastian Microweb Fibre a restyler with silky web fibres that produces killer looks on any length of hair.

SESSION STYLIST TIP when applying product take sections and twist around your finger into a curl this will give a defined fizz free result.

With these hints and tips ……. the boys will most definitely be back in town!!!

To buy any of the mentioned Hero Products from this article please pop over to

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