Volume in a Bottle!

Volume powders have been the craze for the last 12 months but finding one that fits all my requirements is no mean task…….. But I am pleased to say I have found the most perfect volumising powder. Let me introduce Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy.

If you are looking for oomph in a bottle and this is the product for the job!

Before, when using powders I always found they were either to light not giving enough ‘grit’ to the hair or too much making your hair feel like it instantly needed shampooed , but the guys at Kevin Murphy have got it spot on !!!

This little gem will give you that bedroom hair instantly, with its lightweight matte texture you hardly feel it in your hair all you see is results.

For long luscious locks it will give you that casual volume that looks effortless, and for us short haired girlies it give us that messy textured feel.

With a small sprinkling in at the roots on dry or damp hair we all can become sirens with our come to bed hair!!!

Powder Puff is priced around £11 for 14g bottle.

For more information on Kevin Murphy’s great products, pop over to their website http://www.kevinmurphy.com.au

For a great ‘How-To’ Video from Kevin Murphy on how to use Powder Puff – Check out this great You Tube video. http://youtu.be/JRmU33UZIUs

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