Great Hair starts with Great Foundations!

“Good Foundations start in the Shower”

As a Hairdresser/Session Stylist, I get a vast range of textures and conditions of hair through my hands and my message is always the same  – Good Foundations to all hair starts in the shower with your choice of Shampoo and Conditioner, its Critical! My favourite allegory is that your hair is a delicate fibre and if you bought an expensive dress made with delicate fibres, you wouldn’t wash it in washing-up liquid ~ the same goes with your hair !

KMS California
Moisture Repair Shampoo
Was £13.00
Now £10.32

You will be pleased to know that I have just found some great foundations for you in the form of KMS Moist Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Shampoo gently cleanses the hair in a luxurious lather while at the same time revitalizing and re-hydrating its moisture levels. It cleanses the hair from root to tip with the first shampoo. In the second shampoo it injects a blend of Aloe & Vanilla which is held in the technology of the Moist Repair Range . This product fuses the latest innovations and ingredient,s inspired and extracted from nature. So the Repair and Hydration starts at the very beginning, laying the foundations for Repair and Condition to build on.

The Conditioner now starts to cement the foundations in place. Moisture Repair Conditioner will Repair and Reconstruct the damage internally, building the hair and making it stronger. Therefore, reducing breakage and damage, making hair less tangled, Moisture Rich and beautifully Glossy.

Restore the Moisture in your Hair!

The Moist Repair range is suitable for all types of hair and with the Sun, Central Heating, Dryers, Curlers and Straighteners all working against our hair, who doesn’t have some form of damage or dehydration ?

These products are light enough to be used daily and as a daily swimmer with heavily coloured hair this is my new squeeze …….. I love it !!!

These products and many more from the KMS California Range are available online at WWW.VIDALCASSOON.COM/KMS.


Since we LOVE to bring you good news and bargains – I’m very excited to tell you that VidalCassoon.Com now have these products on Sale with great savings! Don’t miss out on a great bargain – Pop on over and see what you can treat yourself to.

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