Dress of the Month ~ September

My current favourite dress is definitely one that divides opinion! We had her on display at a recent wedding fayre, and of the ladies who passed by our stand, as many said they hated it as loved it!

The gown is called Rita and whilst I can see how it can be challenging to traditionalists who expect a bridal gown to look a certain way, I rarely get as excited about a dress as I did about Rita!

This gown is quirky and sexy and a real attention grabber! It features a slim a-line silhouette, a flattering belt at the waist and a sweetheart neckline, all of which have the makings of a pretty dress. But what makes this gown so unique is the fabrication – it is made up entirely of tiny 3D fabric flowers! From a distance the texture is barely detectable, but the closer you get the more you can see the petals and flower shapes.  It is so different and definitely fits the bill for girls who are looking for an unusual wedding dress.

This gown suits more athletic figures and girls with small busts.

Be warned: This is a gown that not all your guests will understand. Some might even tell you they hate it!

For more information about this dress or to try it for yourself, please contact Catherine at Cathedral Gowns (Tel: 028 4461 2532)




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