It’s Cold out there, but it’s Warm in Hair!

Autumn is here already! Crisp cold mornings, darker evenings and my favourite of the beautiful changes, is the colours of the trees.

When I look at all the shades in the leaves, I get so inspired to change my own hair colour. I’m sure there are a few of you feel the same.

In this blog, I’m going to give you a few hints and tips to pick the perfect Autumn colour for you.

 ‘Candy Apple’

Nicole Richie

Blonde is bright and glamorous, but it can start to look tired and dry at this time of year, especially as our skin tones get a little paler with our lack of sunshine. You can bring your blonde back to life by injecting some warmth into your hair, which in turn will reflect warm tones onto your face as well. Most blonde’s fear this, as they are scared of their hair turning dark or heavily golden – but fear not! You can achieve the subtle warmth by introducing soft lights through your hair, this way you will still retain the brightness with soft candy tone !

‘Pumpkin Copper’

Florence Welsh

Copper has lost all its stigma since celebrities like Paloma Faith and Florence Welsh are rocking it! As a Copper (aka Ginger), I’ve been waiting for this all my life, Ginger is trendy !! Copper tones can range from a soft strawberry Blonde, like Nicole Kidman to the fiery Copper of Florence Welsh. As long as you’ve got the right skin tone, then Copper in all its shades can look so striking. If you have lighter skin tones you are perfect for Copper. Blue or Green eyes are fantastic sitting along-side a warm Conker Copper. Just one look in the mirror and your hair will warm you right to the core !

‘Hot Chocolate’

Eva Longoria

If you’re  maybe a little colour shy and like to embrace the more natural tones, why not add in some warmth to your brown hair. Bring it to life and give it some luster while its blowing in the wind by adding some sumptuous autumn tones. This can really bring your hair to life, making it glossy, rich and healthy, while leaving you feeling and looking glamorous, even on the coldest of days!

There is no excuse – just because the days are dull and drab doesn’t mean that your hair has to be!




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