Nothing beats a bit of humiliation to brighten your week! #BenefitBloggerChallenge

I have just received word that our Video has been narrowed down into the final 3 of the Benefit Blogger Challenge! I have been dying to share this video with the world!

The rules seemed simple enough (in theory):

“Simply ask a man (Dad, son, brother, boyfriend, friend or just a man of the street) to do your make-up. It must be a full-face, including Foundation, Bronzer/Blusher, eye-shadow, eye-liner, and mascara”.

Simple right?? Well actually, Yes! I could have made the task really easy for him (and me) – But where’s the fun in that! A Make-up Artist teaches someone to do Make-up ~ PREDICTABLE. So I did the opposite!

I gave him a list of stages and a range of products including Moisturiser, Primer, Foundation, Powder, Blusher, Eyeshadow, LIQUID Eye-liner, Mascara and a Lip Stain (I know, I know, Lip Stain! I’m a glutton for punishment!). I gave him NO direction on how to actually apply these products and told him very little about what they actually do, but how much will he actually know or remember?

Join us on this comical journey of role-reversal. Where an Alternative Photographer and Professional Make-up Artist switch roles. I’ll even make you a deal, if it makes you giggle even once ~ you’ll give our video a vote in the Benefit Blogger Challenge. Sounds fair to me, after all I did just humiliate myself in the name of fun!

To vote, click on the link below and select my video from the drop down menu – its quick and easy and will take you about 30 seconds to do! (I will love you forever if you do it!)

Check out our video below.


Here is a ‘lovely’ collage of stills from the video in case you have any problems viewing it.

#Benefit Blogger Challenge

I really hope you have enjoyed watching our video as much as we (or HE)  enjoyed making it.

If you would like to know more about Johnny’s work as an Alternative Photographer here:

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