I’ve been Dazzled!

Today our beautiful Nail guru on The Beauty Cloud has treated me to some gorgeous Bio Sculpture Gel Nails for my holidays!

She chose a lovely Nude colour not unlike the Chanel Le Vernis in Frenzy which she wrote about in her debut post here on The Beauty Cloud.

Have a look and let me know what you think! I LOVE THEM! They are so easy on the eyes and the gel is so light it feels like I have nothing on my nails. If you are anything like me, when I have any false tips or heavy product applied on my nails, it can feel totally alien and is like an open invitation to picking, but not with this product, you wouldn’t even know it was there.


If you haven’t tried the Bio Sculpture Gels yet, be sure to give them a go.

You can find out more about Debbie at Dazzle me with your Tips on Facebook or at http://www.dazzlemewithyourtips.com

Much L♥ve

Nuala xo

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