A New Year…. A New You!

New year is always the time we start new diets and fitness regimes to change how we look. I have a quicker and less hard work way to change our image …. A new hairstyle !

Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut

Anne Hathaway Pixie Cut

The latest to stun us on the red carpet is Anne Hathaway with her stunning pixie cut after that scene on les miserable that will give us all nightmares about haircuts!!

The pixie cut is a on trend short hair cut that frames the face in a soft feminine way flattering the face. This style is reasonably low maintenance and suits all ages and most hair types.

Katie Holmes Bob

Katie Holmes Bob

If you weren’t planning on being so daring a bob is a perfect versatile style.

The bob is a classic style that never dates and is the ultimate in chic. Reese Witherspoon is the perfect example she has took a classic cut but never looks the same twice on the the red carpet , sleek, waved, flicked so many different ways to wear the same style! This is why it is suitable for all hair types but exceptionally good for fine giving the illusion of thicker hair.


Claudia Winkleman Fringe

Claudia Winkleman Fringe

Not feeling brave enough of any of these styles why not add a new or different fringe as a fringe can dramatically change the look of a hairstyle.

Going for a blunt heavy fringe like Claudia Winkleman will change the total look of the style, sometimes even resulting in making the rest of the hair looking longer!! Fantastic if your in the throws of growing your locks!

Holly Willoughby Bangs

Holly Willoughby Bangs

One of my favourite fringes at the moment is the ‘bang’.

Holly Willoughby champions this style showing how easy it is to wear. It’s fantastically versatile as you don’t have the full commitment of a fringe but you have the softness to drop down when wearing your hair up!

So hopefully this has helped you with a painless start to a new year … New you!!

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