Top 3 Cuticle Oil Picks!

Its the Sad truth that although in winter we get to rock our fur coats and sexy boots we also have to put up with the totally crap bits of winter including dry cracked skin on our hands and cuticles ( Cuticles are the skin around the nail just incase ) and lets face it girls it can look and feel grim!

There is an answer to the seasons troublesome problem Cuticle Oil!! Its probably the most useful product to have in your year round hand and nail routine.

What is it I hear you say! Well basically its a very potent mixture of oils that is used for deep moisturisation of dry skin only a very small amount is necessary to have the desired effect! It’s so easy to use you simply dot a tiny amount of the oil on to each cuticle and massage in to the skin and nail around 3 times a week. A fantastic tip to get the most out of your cuticle oil is to add a few drops of cuticle oil in with your hand or foot cream massage in and pop on cotton socks or gloves overnight and Voila!! Lovely soft pampered hands and feet YAY!

Ive picked a few of the best Cuticle Oils on the Market that are great value even on our dreaded January Budget!


The Body Shops Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil is £7… this little pen is great for girls on the go keep it in your office drawer or handbag so you have no excuse!


OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil is £6… Hydrates and replenishes. Restores moisture and lipids with antioxidant vitamin E plus skin-loving avocado, sunflower, sesame and kukui nut oils sounds fancy huh! It’s simply fab and a total steal!


Bio Sculpture Cuticle Oil is £9.99… Formulated to re-hydrate the cuticle and nail plate. Massaging this treatment into the nails regularly will balance the oil/moisture level of the nail plate. My personal favorite and one I’ve used in my salon for years.

Happy New Year 

Love Debbie xx

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