Dress of the Month ~ January 2013

My current favourite dress is a sweet little number called Freya!

Freya is one of our gorgeous ‘Sottero and Midgley‘ gowns and features their signature corset back which allows for an incredible fit and a very flattered silhouette.

'Freya' by Sottero and Midgley (Front)

‘Freya’ by Sottero and Midgley (Front)

Right now I adore Freya because of all the texture – the bust-line is a gorgeously sheen pleated Valencia organza, and the rest of the gown is a beautifully soft un-beaded lace.

The soft sweetheart neckline is a great shape for many girls. I love it, especially on fuller figured girls as the slight dip isn’t deep enough to expose much cleavage but it can add length to your neck and décolletage. The chest area features organza asymmetrically pleated into a super flattering crossover effect which can add extra curve to a small bust but also offers support to a fuller chest. The pleats curve low into the waist and really exaggerates your shape.

'Freya' by Sottero and Midgley (Back)

‘Freya’ by Sottero and Midgley (Back)

Then there is the lace! A luscious corded lace over point d’esprit, the texture is deep and interesting and looks far more expensive than it is. I love the fact that there is absolutely no twinkle on this gown – there isn’t a bead or a sequin anywhere! It really is all about the texture!

The silhouette is best described as fit & flare, similar to a fishtail in its curvy shape, but much less severe and a much better option if you aren’t model height. As when a gown kicks out from mid thigh rather than knee you will look more balanced and taller. It also has the added benefit of being much easier to walk in. And sit, and kneel down, and get on the floor for ‘rock the boat’ should you feel inclined!

'Freya' with Caplet by Sottero and Midgley

‘Freya’ with Caplet by Sottero and Midgley

This gown comes with a fab wee accessory – a capelet! There is definitely a slightly Victorian nod to this accessory with its high neckline, but the capelet shape feels a little bit 70’s too. The accessory is an optional extra that very few of my customers have opted for, it is a definite style statement that I cannot wait to see worn at a real wedding!

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