Catch the Man of your Dreams with this Valentines inspired Nail Tutorial!

When I spotted the ever gorgeous Kelly Osbourne’s fabulous heart tipped stiletto manicure at this years Grammy Awards, I was in LOVE!! And with it being the season of love, why not wear your heart on your nails this Valentine’s Day with my easy step-by-step guide to this super cute look!


Step 1
Wipe over your nail bed with a little polish remover on a cotton pad, apply a base coat and let it dry.

Step 2
Shape your nails with a light grit file in the one direction in to an oval shape or if you are braver a more pointed stiletto shape.

Step 3
Grab a roll of Scotch Tape and cut 10 individual squares mirroring the size of your nails. When you have done that cut a 3 shape in to each piece this will be the stencil for the top of your heart shape.

Step 4
Stick on your nail guides to the nails matching it up to either side of the nail and place half way down

Step 5
Using a color of your choice maybe White like Kelly, a more traditional Red or Pink, or even a sexy statement Black or heavy glitter, paint in the sectioned off part of your nail and before the polish is totally dry remove your tape using a pair of tweezers to avoid any mess

Step 6
Finish off with a top coat and do not move until totally dry!


Get Love-struck with your nails this Valentine’s Day, I did in Sexy Red I hope you Like….

Love Debbie xxx

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