A Valentine’s Day Wedding, Romantic? or not?

I know I’m surrounded by romance all year long, but there is something just so special about Valentines Day! I love all the excitement and extra energy of our girls whose weddings are this week and I look forward to hearing all about the romantic proposals on Valentines Day.

cake Matthias Rhomberg

Matthias Rhomberg Cake

Maybe it’s because my mum and dad were married on February 14th? I see how special their anniversary is and I also love to see them reminisce about their wedding day 32 years ago. My mums wedding dress was, to me, the epitome of a romantic wedding dress, all soft pretty lace and covered up! Even though my mums says she hates its very typical 1981 style, I know she loves it! red-and-white-valentines-centerpiece-wedding

I love that in her weddings pic’s the snow is at her feet, yet she has the most stunning bright blue sky behind her! That’s one of the best things about the weather at this time of year – it really could go either way. It’s usually very wet and windy so proper shoes and a little jacket are definitely required, but you could  wake up to an amazing spring day.

valentines bridesmaid dresses

The choice of what to wear for your Valentines wedding of course must take into account the cold, but also colour! I prefer the lighter ivory tones at this time of year, I just feel that the brightness of the dress will compensate for how grey and dull the light can be. The colour theme or the bridesmaids dresses also require a bit more consideration. Will you embrace the Valentines theme and chose an alternative to the traditional claret red? I almost think it would be a shame not to have your girls in beautiful red dresses!

valentines bridesmaid dresses

But a Valentines wedding doesn’t have to be tacky or gimmicky. Just avoid the pound shop plastic hearts and you’ll be half way there!  You shouldn’t be afraid to invest a bit more time, effort and maybe money into the look of your wedding beyond the outfits. Keep the stationery classy and elegant, and if you want to incorporate the heart motif just make sure it looks sophisticated and not cartoony. As for room decor it’s hard to beat the classic red rose and lots of candles or fairy lights!

valentines, wedding, invites

I asked around for opinions on a Valentines wedding and the consensus from the girls was that it is ultimately the most romantic time to get married, but the guys typically mentioned that it would make remembering their anniversary easy!

If you have been to or are planning your very own Valentines wedding I’d love to hear about it!

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