Rimmel Lasting Finish Shade 055 – Sunshine Review

Recently you may remember I did my first review of another Rimmel Lasting Finish Nail Polish. I loved the colour and pigment of the last one, so when I saw this polish, full of sunshine and promising a glimpse of spring time, I had to have it. I had great expectations for this particular polish. I thought it would definitely help me welcome in the long awaited spring season.


However, I have to say, Ive never been quite so disappointed on a Nail Polish in my life…. EVER!


The photo shows my nails after FOUR coats of the polish and Im not sure if you can see, but the product is still patchy and uneven in colour. Not only that, the colour was more ‘jaundice’ than ‘spring-time’. I didnt even keep this one for 1 full day, thats how much I disliked it. I was actually rather embarassed to be seen wearing it.


I did try to redeem it with some Barry M ‘Amethyst Glitter’, which certainly did help a little bit, but not quite enough.


2 responses to “Rimmel Lasting Finish Shade 055 – Sunshine Review

  1. love a little glitter.

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