Dress of the Month ~ March

My favourite dress this month is actually three dresses! All are versions of the same dress – Adorae by Sottero & Midgley, and the reason I love each of them are that no matter your shape or size this dress will look fantastic! Adorae is the strapless sweetheart neck, Adorae Louise is a v-neck and Adorae Rose has one shoulder strap, but from the ribcage down these gowns are exactly the same.

Adorae Louise by Sottero & Midgley

Adorae Louise by Sottero & Midgley

It is the silhouette of the Adoraes’ that make them so flattering – a very figure hugging fit and flare gown that curves over the hips and through the thighs to really exaggerate your silhouette and make you look mega curvy. Its not too fitted though, there is still plenty of circumference on the inside around your knees and thighs, so walking, kneeling and sitting down won’t be a problem. It flares out gently from just above the knee to create a gorgeous fishtail shape and an amazingly full train. The gown is made from a really soft and silky pleated stretch demir satin that means it holds firm where it needs to but is also flexible and will move with you. The fabric gives the gown a really luxurious feel and a beautiful sheen, which photographs beautifully. For a slim girl this gown can really exaggerate and even add curves, whilst a fuller figured girl can be confident that the corset fit of this gown will do wonders for her figure, it can hold in a tummy like magic!

Adorae by Sottero & Midgley

Adorae by Sottero & Midgley

I’m so glad that Sottero & Midgley have three versions of this gown since it works so well for such a variety of sizes and body types! We have Adorae Rose in a size 8, the Adorae Louise in a 14 and Adorae in an 18, which just demonstrates how flattering this dress is! It is also a very versatile style and can be styled in a variety of ways. The Adorae Louise for example feels very classic to me and looks amazing with a full length ribbon edged veil, whereas the Adorae Rose can be more funky and looks brilliant with a millinery net face veil.

Adorae Rose by Sottero & Midgley

Adorae Rose by Sottero & Midgley

One of the most wonderful things about this dress right now though is that the designer have made two of the versions (the Adorae and the Adorae Louise) ‘Priority Gowns’ which means that we can get them much quicker than usual. This is an absolute blessing for us since so many girls are leaving it very late to order their gowns and don’t realise how long it can take for dresses to be made. So if your wedding is early next summer and you haven’t ordered your wedding dress yet then this dress could easily be the one for you! 

2 responses to “Dress of the Month ~ March

  1. I love this dress! It’s the type i want for my wedding- Mermaid, one shoulder

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