Ultimate Wedding Dress Tip’s

When chosing your wedding dress and having it altered, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are my ultimate Wedding Dress tip’s:

  1. Your dress should be gorgeous! Obviously you aren’t going to pick an ugly wedding dress, but some designers do produce some questionable gowns that are definitely best avoided.
  2. Your wedding dress should flatter you in all the right places and balance your figure proportions – a wedding dress should ultimately result in an hourglass silhouette and make your waist look significantly smaller than your bust and hips, even if it isn’t like that in reality. Figure concerns and issues can easily be addressed by paying careful attention to your choice of gown silhouette.
  3. 2514HYour wedding dress has to fit well. It should not gape or pinch anywhere around your torso, no-one should be able to see down your cleavage or see a space between your chest and the dress. Neither should it be tight enough to cause ‘back cleavage’ or have your bust spilling over the top. Bear in mind though that it does need to start off as a very tight fit as once your body heats it up the fabric will soften and loosen slightly. A good fit is best judged after fifteen to twenty minutes of wear.
  4. It needs to be the perfect length. Too long and you’ll look clumsy and will struggle to walk. Too short and you might look like you borrowed someone else’s dress! When you are standing still it should look like your hem is resting on the ground, but your hem should be high enough so that when you walk your shoes won’t catch on your inside hem and cause you to trip. This is something that will be tweaked and perfected during the alterations process, every time your seamstress asks you to take a little walk she’ll be checking that you can manage the length and look elegant.

    Hem length is crucial in ensuring your dress is comfortable and easy to wear.

    Hem length is crucial in ensuring your dress is comfortable and easy to wear.

  5. Be location and climate appropriate.  You need to look comfortable in your dress especially if you are getting married in either extremely warm or very cold weather. Not only will you look and be cold in a slither of a gown in the winter but you also run the risk of looking silly and out of context. Likewise a cumbersome gown will look odd at a beach wedding and you’ll also most likely be roasting and very uncomfortable.
  6. Your dress should not scratch your skin or make you itchy. If it does there are lots of little tricks we use to overcome the issue, no one wants to see a bride with sore red skin from sharp beads tearing at your inner arms and you definitely don’t want to be the girl who feels the need to change out of her wedding dress half way through her reception.
  7. Be interesting from the waist up. In my experience most of your guests won’t take full length pics of you, instead they’ll focus on your face and the top half of your dress. So the more information you can convey in the top area the better. This is one of the reasons I love dresses with straps and interesting necklines.PHOEBE D.O ASM3605_front
  8. Be elegant and classy. No one wants to see a slutty bride. So aim for a classic and timeless sophisticated wedding look and if you opt for a dress with cleavage then make sure your back is covered and vice versa.
  9. Represent your style. Your wedding dress is the single most important garment you will ever chose so make sure you are happy with it and happy with what it says about you. It will sum up your personal style in one statement, so decide what you want to say! Are you funky, classic, girlie or vampy? Strangers will judge you based on your choice of dress and your wedding pics are likely to be the only photographs your great grandchildren will keep of you, so you’ll definitely want to make an accurate statement.
  10. Most importantly your wedding dress should make you smile! If you aren’t at least a little bit excited to wear it then it’s the wrong dress for you!HAPPY BRIDE 2

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