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Product Review: Lush Cosmetics – Imperialis Moisturiser


Following a recent visit to Lush Cosmetics in Belfast. I was given some of their ‘Imperialis’ Moisturiser to try out. I was advised that this would be good for my skin type (Combination).Imperialis Moisturiser by Lush CosmeticsI love using products which I know are ‘feeding’ my skin with Natural goodness. Some of the natural ingredients in this moisturiser are Lavender Flower Infusion, Mullein Leaf Infusion,Orange Blossom Water, Organic Extra Virgin 

Orange Blossom waterOlive Oil,  Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Glycerine,  Orange Flower Absolute, Brunello Lily Petals, St Johns Wort Extract,  Elderflower Extract,  Sweet Violet Extract, Sunflower Petal Extract and Alkanet Extract. (Click on any of the ingredients above to read more about their wonderful properties and why they are in this product). In other words, a little tub of this moisturiser is packed full of earthly goodness!

Lavender Flower InfusionI have heard a lot of people say that they aren’t too keen on the smell of ‘Imperialis’. However, in my opinion, I would rather use something which is good for my skin than using a product loaded with perfume.  I find this product has quite an antiseptic smell to it, which may be the Sweet Violet Extract or Lavender Flower, saying that, it could be many of the beautiful products and essential oils.

It may be a good time to tell you that Lush Cosmetics are strictly against animal testing. All of their products are vegetarian and where all their products are not Vegan-Logo-from-The-Vegan-Societyclassed as ‘Vegan’, the ‘Imperialis’ Moisturiser is.  Lush invent all of their own products and make them fresh BY HAND! They use little or no preservatives. They use minimal packaging and encourage recycling of their tubs, offering their customers free face-masks when they return 5 empty tubs.

I found this product absorbed into the skin well and where I found I have a few breakouts in the first couple of days of using it, they cleared up and my skin has been clear and bright since. This may be due to the fact that I stopped using this product at night and used it only during the day time after cleansing. This product doesn’t leave a heavy residue behind and is quickly absorbed into the skin, so it is great for using before make-up without having to wait before being able to apply.lush1

In summary, I feel this is a great moisturiser. When you consider all of the natural plant extracts and oils put into this product, I think the price is very reasonable in comparison to other products of this nature.

The ‘Imperialis’ Moisturiser comes in a 45g tub and is priced at £12.50. It is available online at for worldwide delivery or at your local Lush Cosmetics Store.

Have you tried ‘Imperialis’? If so, why not leave me a comment and let me know what you think of it.

Product Review: Girls With Attitude – Cheetah Style Nail Wraps

I was recently given these nail wraps as a birthday present. I have always loved doing my nails, but it gets pretty annoying when I spend forever doing my nails and then the nail varnish is off an hour later. I have been told that I have excess oils in my nails, which can force the varnish off the nail.

Girls With Attitude - Cheetah Style Nail Wraps

Girls With Attitude – Cheetah Style Nail Wraps

I’m not sure why I haven’t tried nail wraps before, I guess I expected them to be quite difficult to apply. How wrong was I !! They were so quick and easy to apply and look fantastic. These nail wraps are pre-glued and are designed not to chip! Practically everything I look for in a nail product. Quick, Stylish and Easy to Apply! Perfect!

These particular nail wraps are by Girls with Attitude and are a Cheetah Style.

Cheetah Style Nail Wraps by

Cheetah Style Nail Wraps by

A pack of nail wraps contain a total of 12 wraps which come in 6 different sized to help you find a size to suit each nail. Because this is pretty much a one-fits-all scenario, I did notice that I am left with some small gaps at the sides of my nails, but I don’t mind as I don’t think anyone would even notice because the wraps themselves are so eye-catching.

A pack of 12 Cheetah Style Wraps is priced at £3.50 on . The wraps are single use so £3.50 may seem a little pricey if you compare it to a nail varnish which you get multiple use out of. However, these are made ready-to-wear. I have had them on for 3 days now and there is no sign of them chipping or peeling yet. So for that reason alone, I love them!Girls With Attitude Logo

Girls with Attitude have some other great and stylish designs in their nail wrap’s. Make sure to pop over to their website and have a look, i’m sure you will find some to suit your style.

So I think it is safe to say, I am definitely converted to Nail Wraps!


Product Review: Rituals Magic Touch Whipped Body Cream

I do love my moisturiser’s. I would never shower without lathering myself up in Body Cream after. I received this Body Cream by Rituals and today I want to share some of the good and bad points I have found while using it. rit3

On first impressions, the description sounded yummy and the smell was delicious. It is described as being a Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk Body Cream. I had high hopes for this product, especially since it is made by Rituals

It is a unique blend, containing antioxidants, Vitamin E and the ingredient Centella Asiatica, which helps strengthen your skin.

The Rituals Website tells us that “Special technology makes this whipped cream easy to apply, while its rich and velvety formulation nourishes the skin”. I have to object to this point. Where yes, it is easy to apply (I am yet to experience a body cream which isn’t) the texture for me, does not come across as being rich and velvety. Ten minutes after application of the cream, there is no evidence left being that I applied moisturiser. I don’t know about you, but I like my skin to continue to feel moisturised. For me this Body Cream, doesn’t pull it off and for £15 for 200ml tub, I would hope for more from the product.


Something else I noticed was that you need a lot of product to do the job, perhaps it is due to the product being whipped and a lot of air trapped inside, but I went through 200ml in about 5 applications.

On the upside, the perfume from the product does stay around and last for hours. You will be smelling sweet and creamy for the rest of the day!

If you would like to try the product for yourself, click on here!

She’s the Queen Bee of Fashion!

It’s no secret that the Queen Bee of pop music Beyoncé Knowles is back with a bang!  Between her new world Tour and her new collaboration with high street mega store H and M I can’t go on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram without seeing her all over the place.  On top of that she is also the new and current face of Pepsi so she is spread all over our TVs also (not that I’m complaining).  She has a banging bod and attitude to die for but we aren’t here to talk about that, it’s all about the fashion for us!

Beyoncé For H and M

Beyoncé For H and M

 Whenever I first seen the new Pepsi advertisement on TV I hadn’t been so happy in a long time!  For anyone who hasn’t seen it, its basically where Beyoncé is working on her dance moves in a studio (as only she can) which is filled with mirrors.  She takes a sip of Pepsi and up pops a dozen or so Beyoncé’s all each dressed in one of her very iconic outfits from her past dancing in the same concept as they would have been in the past video matching the outfit.  With that many Beyoncé’s I thought I had died and went to Beyoncé heaven!

Beyoncé For Pepsi

Beyoncé For Pepsi

If I was to review all the outfits I would be here all day so instead I will talk about my own personal favourite which I feel sum up Beyoncé’s career.  The first one of course has to be this bright pink number from Destiny’s Child single bootylicious.  This outfit is very out there and slightly tacky but it’s so bold and bright it was remembered from all that time ago!  So I guess it did its job and no one can say that Beyoncé doesn’t look smoking hot in it either!  I wouldn’t quite pull it out for red carpet just yet though Beyoncé!

Beyoncé looking Bootylicious

Beyoncé looking Bootylicious

The next outfit was the one that I personally first remember seeing Beyoncé in.  I remember all those years ago she definitely made the tiny shorts with bright red heels and white top an iconic look.  Everyone I knew was copying it and that’s what trendsetting is all about.   Beyoncé couldn’t look bad if she tried but this little outfit really does emphasise her money making curves.

Lastly this outfit is very different from the other two as its very classy and modern which is of course the outfit from very popular and catching song “all the single ladies”.  I just love this look myself its edgy, it’s futuristic and it’s very unique.  I would love to see Beyoncé do more of this kind of style in future.   b5

As dramatic as always at the end of the video Beyoncé shatters the glass mirror’s which a symbol that represents the quote that she states at the end ……

“Embrace Your Past But Live For Now”

To watch the whole video please follow the link!


Top 5 tips For Travelling Light This Summer

We’re all guilty when it comes to over packing for our summer holidays. From sun cream to shoes, it’s difficult to fit it all in without going over your allocated weight limit (which in our opinion is never enough).  Here are our top 5 tips for packing like a pro and squeezing everything you need into your suitcase this summer…..

1. The right luggage is everything
Selecting the right suitcase for your trip is essential. Be sure to choose a case that is lightweight and has a number of compartments to store smaller items and toiletries. The lighter your case before adding your clothing, the better – and we highly recommend purchasing a hard shell lightweight case to keep all your items protected. TJ Hughes have a great range of affordable lightweight suitcases perfect for your travels this summer, we love this great Revelation Murello Grey Luggage, starting from only £34.99.

2. Double check your weight! 

Revelation Murello Grey Luggage £34.99

Revelation Murello Grey Luggage £34.99

Hand-luggage varies between airlines so be sure to check your weight limits before heading off to the airport, you don’t want to miss out on an extra 5kg! Along with weight, the size of your carry-on also varies with some airlines – so be sure to double check this on your airlines website prior to travelling.

3. Know your limits
For your carry-on bag; make sure you know your limits. UK regulators restrict liquids to 100 ml and sharp implements are banned from carry-on. We suggest investing in 100ml bottles for your toiletries and essentials. We love this great travel set from Marks and Spencer which includes 3 x 100ml bottles and a handy travel case, perfect for travelling. You can view all UK regulations on the official UK Government website:

Red Hot Mini Straightners £4.99

Red Hot Mini Straightners £4.99

4. Downsize
Why not swap your favourite essentials for smaller gadgets to maximise your luggage space this summer. Swap your favourite paperbacks and magazines for a slim lined Amazon Kindle, and even downsize your beauty products – these miniature straighteners are great for looking great on the go, at the bargain price of £4.99.

5. Pack the right way
Be sure to utilise all the space in your suitcase and hand luggage to accommodate your necessities. Swap folding your clothes for rolling, filling gaps and pockets with essentials such as socks and jewellery. Pack all of your inflexible items such as shoes first, and fill the surrounding space with your clothing, also filling pockets and shoes with your clothing.

Fall 2013 bridal trend report

I’ve always said that bridal style never changes, it simply evolves. So while sitting watching the designers new season styles on the catwalk I was surprised to see some really unusual new looks, unusual that is for bridal-wear! Peplums, sheer trousers and colour were the three main trends that seem to be emerging with many designers showcasing these looks.

1The sheer trouser was definitely the look that surprised me the most! I think I nearly choked on my champagne when I initially spotted them. My first thought was ‘what??’ and my second thought was ‘why?!’ and by the reaction of the designers agent when I said I wasn’t keen definitely suggested that this style hadn’t been popular with the other bridal boutique buyers. And that really is the major thing about bridal wear and bridal trends, a designer may produce it, but if the independent shops don’t think they could sell it, then the look will never be popular. So many interesting ideas have been showcased over the few years I’ve been attending the trade shows but unless it really is something that is flattering and will look appropriate for an actual wedding then we and other bridal boutique owners aren’t going to invest our cash into something that risky.

6The next look that took me by surprise was the peplum. A few designers showed this look back in September, but this time they were everywhere! I love a peplum in real life but since it is such a statement trend I’m not so keen on it for bridal-wear. I did spot some really beautiful interpretations of this trend though that really had me tempted to buy but I fear that unless you are tall and slim it might be a very unkind and unflattering silhouette.

There also seems to be a resurgence of colour! Claret, burgundy and pink and apricot gowns were popular five or so years ago so it seems like the right time to see this trend re-emerge, but this time the gowns were a whole lot less embellished, and the fabric more matte.

2One trend that delighted me is the Downton Abbey inspired look! I have always been very keen on the general fashions of that era so seeing bridal collections launching that kind of look really excites me. Unfortunately most of the good examples I saw were from higher end collections that our wee shop doesn’t sell but I expect the look to be a much stronger feature by the time the next collection launch rolls around.

For the most though the new collections did seem to be a gentle evolution from what we already have hanging on the rails. I am delighted that the designers are continuing to embrace the more covered up look with lots of cap sleeves, high necklines and long sleeves available in a variety of fabrications. Our customers are definitely requesting these kinds of looks more and more so I’m so happy to be able to fulfil the need for sleeves.

To compensate for the very covered up fronts lots of dresses had interesting back features, from very red-carpet inspired keyhole backs to sheer embroidered back sections, the back of the gown has suddenly become very important.

4In terms of fabric, lace is still very prominent but I am very glad to see that more and more designers creating dreamy satin gowns. But where the satin gowns we had a few years ago featured a lot of embroidery and beaded embellishment, these styles were much plainer, instead of the beading becoming the feature these dresses were all about the texture and sheen of the fabric. Most of the styles we saw were either very sculptural or very fluid and floaty.

In terms of silhouette there were still a lot of semi fitted and trumpet skirt shapes but there seems to be a bit of a resurgence in the classic a-line skirt shape. There was also an abundance of beautiful 1950’s full gowns with natural waists and basque waists and super full skirts.

Of all the new looks in bridal I am most excited for the arrival of the plainer gowns and the gowns with higher necklines! Who knew demure would be the next big thing?!

‘How-to’ create Selena Gomez: Funky French Braid


Heads turned as Selena Gomez stepped onto the red carpet at Sunday’s anticipated MTV Movies Awards. Her beautiful Julien Macdonald metallic minidress added a touch of glamour to the event and Selenas bold choice of hairstyle has been a key talking point this week.

We spoke with hair extension specialists at to find out how to recreate Selenas great look and get red carpet ready in 6 simple(ish) steps!

Step 1

If you’re lucky enough to have very long hair, this style will be pretty easy to complete. If not, Pauls Hair World recommends using clip in hair extensions to get the necessary length to complete the French braid, also adding thickness to the style.

Step 2:

Backcomb the hair on the crown of the head to create a small bouffant, and pin into place. We suggest using a backcombing brush available for only £2.99 to quickly get height and body instantly.

Selena2Step 3:

Smooth the hair and create 6 small pony tails down the centre of your head.

Step 4:

We suggest you ask a friend to help you with this step. Carefully create a french braid using all of the pony tails.

Step 5:

To get Selena’s tousled look, gently pull the braid apart slightly, and pin to the smooth area of your hair to ensure the ponytails are completely covered. Use the back comb brush to carefully backcomb the French braid to add to the messy look.

Step 6:

You’re ready for the red carpet! Spray with extra hold hair spray to keep down any flyaway hairs and keep your Selena pony looking great all evening.