Product Review: Benefit Cosmetics ‘Fine-One-One’ Sheer Brightening Colour for Lips and Cheeks


I have been meaning to review this product for a while now, so apologies if you have been one of the people emailing to request this.

‘Fine-One-One’ is a new product launched by Benefit Cosmetics. It is the first of its kind from the brand. So I was excited to give it a go.


The product itself is a solid creme trio of colours including, Pink Champagne,  Sheer Watermelon and Soft Coral. I have to admit I was a little dubious when I first looked at this product, I didn’t imagine that the watermelon and coral colours would have worked together, but after giving it a go I was really impressed.

This product gives quite a concentrated amount of colour which is great as you get to see the effect instantly. It absolutely requires blending, please do not go out of the house without first blending well! I like the fact that the product is buildable, you can use this as a natural, medium or heavy coverage blush.  I do not recommend applying any powder over the product due to it’s creamy texture.8800268910622

The Pink Champagne colour at the end serves as a great highlighter, so always have this to the top of your cheek. I find myself using the highlighter on its own too. It gives off a beautiful sheen and is easily to apply. With its creamy texture it glides over foundation.  In fact, I would love to see Benefit Cosmetics release a creamy stick of the Pink Champagne Highlighter on its own.

On the Benefit Cosmetics website, they recommend blending with your fingers. I have tried it with my fingers and yes, it works ok, however, I prefer to use a medium stiffness highlight/contour brush. It gives a more even and natural finish than blending with your fingers does. (I use the Illamasqua Highlighter Brush – I will come back to this brush in a separate post soon).

Illamasqua Highlighter Brush

Illamasqua Highlighter Brush

The only down side I see to this product is that the colour wont suit everyone. It would be great if the brand could develop a trio in Natural Bronzes and possibly another in more subtle pinks so there is something for everyone.

If you are thinking of buying the product, please do visit a counter to try it would on your own skin tones first.  For deeper skin tones, I recommend applying Cha-Cha tint first and then the Fine-One-One.

All in all, its is a great product. It is quick and easy to use.  You use very little of the product so it should last you quite some time.

Fine-One-One is available at and is priced at £23.50 for a 8g stick.559254_569560379728638_2083302682_n

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