Fall 2013 bridal trend report

I’ve always said that bridal style never changes, it simply evolves. So while sitting watching the designers new season styles on the catwalk I was surprised to see some really unusual new looks, unusual that is for bridal-wear! Peplums, sheer trousers and colour were the three main trends that seem to be emerging with many designers showcasing these looks.

1The sheer trouser was definitely the look that surprised me the most! I think I nearly choked on my champagne when I initially spotted them. My first thought was ‘what??’ and my second thought was ‘why?!’ and by the reaction of the designers agent when I said I wasn’t keen definitely suggested that this style hadn’t been popular with the other bridal boutique buyers. And that really is the major thing about bridal wear and bridal trends, a designer may produce it, but if the independent shops don’t think they could sell it, then the look will never be popular. So many interesting ideas have been showcased over the few years I’ve been attending the trade shows but unless it really is something that is flattering and will look appropriate for an actual wedding then we and other bridal boutique owners aren’t going to invest our cash into something that risky.

6The next look that took me by surprise was the peplum. A few designers showed this look back in September, but this time they were everywhere! I love a peplum in real life but since it is such a statement trend I’m not so keen on it for bridal-wear. I did spot some really beautiful interpretations of this trend though that really had me tempted to buy but I fear that unless you are tall and slim it might be a very unkind and unflattering silhouette.

There also seems to be a resurgence of colour! Claret, burgundy and pink and apricot gowns were popular five or so years ago so it seems like the right time to see this trend re-emerge, but this time the gowns were a whole lot less embellished, and the fabric more matte.

2One trend that delighted me is the Downton Abbey inspired look! I have always been very keen on the general fashions of that era so seeing bridal collections launching that kind of look really excites me. Unfortunately most of the good examples I saw were from higher end collections that our wee shop doesn’t sell but I expect the look to be a much stronger feature by the time the next collection launch rolls around.

For the most though the new collections did seem to be a gentle evolution from what we already have hanging on the rails. I am delighted that the designers are continuing to embrace the more covered up look with lots of cap sleeves, high necklines and long sleeves available in a variety of fabrications. Our customers are definitely requesting these kinds of looks more and more so I’m so happy to be able to fulfil the need for sleeves.

To compensate for the very covered up fronts lots of dresses had interesting back features, from very red-carpet inspired keyhole backs to sheer embroidered back sections, the back of the gown has suddenly become very important.

4In terms of fabric, lace is still very prominent but I am very glad to see that more and more designers creating dreamy satin gowns. But where the satin gowns we had a few years ago featured a lot of embroidery and beaded embellishment, these styles were much plainer, instead of the beading becoming the feature these dresses were all about the texture and sheen of the fabric. Most of the styles we saw were either very sculptural or very fluid and floaty.

In terms of silhouette there were still a lot of semi fitted and trumpet skirt shapes but there seems to be a bit of a resurgence in the classic a-line skirt shape. There was also an abundance of beautiful 1950’s full gowns with natural waists and basque waists and super full skirts.

Of all the new looks in bridal I am most excited for the arrival of the plainer gowns and the gowns with higher necklines! Who knew demure would be the next big thing?!

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