Top 5 tips For Travelling Light This Summer

We’re all guilty when it comes to over packing for our summer holidays. From sun cream to shoes, it’s difficult to fit it all in without going over your allocated weight limit (which in our opinion is never enough).  Here are our top 5 tips for packing like a pro and squeezing everything you need into your suitcase this summer…..

1. The right luggage is everything
Selecting the right suitcase for your trip is essential. Be sure to choose a case that is lightweight and has a number of compartments to store smaller items and toiletries. The lighter your case before adding your clothing, the better – and we highly recommend purchasing a hard shell lightweight case to keep all your items protected. TJ Hughes have a great range of affordable lightweight suitcases perfect for your travels this summer, we love this great Revelation Murello Grey Luggage, starting from only £34.99.

2. Double check your weight! 

Revelation Murello Grey Luggage £34.99

Revelation Murello Grey Luggage £34.99

Hand-luggage varies between airlines so be sure to check your weight limits before heading off to the airport, you don’t want to miss out on an extra 5kg! Along with weight, the size of your carry-on also varies with some airlines – so be sure to double check this on your airlines website prior to travelling.

3. Know your limits
For your carry-on bag; make sure you know your limits. UK regulators restrict liquids to 100 ml and sharp implements are banned from carry-on. We suggest investing in 100ml bottles for your toiletries and essentials. We love this great travel set from Marks and Spencer which includes 3 x 100ml bottles and a handy travel case, perfect for travelling. You can view all UK regulations on the official UK Government website:

Red Hot Mini Straightners £4.99

Red Hot Mini Straightners £4.99

4. Downsize
Why not swap your favourite essentials for smaller gadgets to maximise your luggage space this summer. Swap your favourite paperbacks and magazines for a slim lined Amazon Kindle, and even downsize your beauty products – these miniature straighteners are great for looking great on the go, at the bargain price of £4.99.

5. Pack the right way
Be sure to utilise all the space in your suitcase and hand luggage to accommodate your necessities. Swap folding your clothes for rolling, filling gaps and pockets with essentials such as socks and jewellery. Pack all of your inflexible items such as shoes first, and fill the surrounding space with your clothing, also filling pockets and shoes with your clothing.

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