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Introducing the Gillian Lees Booteek…

I love being able to highlight creative people and the great work that they do. So I am very excited to present to you…. The Gillian Lees Booteek. She makes beautifully versatile, high quality and very wearable accessories. Her pieces have the unique skill to transform any outfit. I think they are simply fabulous!


I have been very fortunate to have had a piece made especially for me.  I absolutely adore this lovely pin cushion. It will be very useful when I’m sewing, that is if I can stop admiring it! Anyone who knows me knows that I love PINK, so this makes the piece even more precious! Also, as my logo is black and white you can see how it has been specifically designed with me in mind.


Do check out Gillian Lees Booteek where you will find the latest Summer Fruits Accessory collection, featuring a delicious yellow rose.  The rose can be used as a hair accessory or as a bright addition to complete an outfit.


My favourite is this darling trinket box made with high quality felt and cute button detail.. This would make an excellent present for someone special or a lovely treat for yourself. It’s a great little box to keep your favourite piece of jewellery in and would make a great decoration for your dressing table. If you would like this trinket box in a larger size contact Gillian Lees and she would be very happy to accommodate you.

Gillian Lees Booteek can be found online at Facebook and Etsy. This is a shop you will find yourself coming back to again and again to check out the new delights Gillian Lees has to offer.

Discontinuation doesn’t mean bad quality…

This month I thought I’d write about discontinuations. If you follow me on facebook you’ll already know that this is a word I detest! So I thought I’d take this opportunity to elaborate.

In bridal terms gowns are discontinued when the bridal manufacturer and the factory no longer wish to make the product. This can be for many reasons but the main one is monetary.

Discontinuation rail

Some of the designers we deal with are huge worldwide entities, so they need to have dresses in their collection that are popular the world over. I’ll never forget a gorgeous dress we had five or so years ago. We loved it and so did our customers, so you can imagine how gutted I was when we had the discontinue notice on her. We called the designer and begged for it to be reinstated as it was such a good dress for us, but it turned out that we were the only shop that ever had actual brides want to buy it!

For designers who don’t own their own factory discontinuations are regular. These designers effectively rent a production line in a factory that specialises in bridal gowns. Most factories operate a system of cutting tickets, where a minimum number of each dress must be produced to make it cost effective. So if a particular dress only receives five reorders in a specific time period then the factory might chose to stop making it.

Some dresses might be discontinued pretty soon after they are launched. In this case it is usually because not enough shops purchased one for their stock. Sometimes a dress just comes to its natural end. Some bridal gowns can remain in the designer’s collection for several years but as soon as the look becomes unpopular they’ll make the decision to phase it out.


Usually designers give us a few weeks’ notice on their plans to discontinue, which is brilliant as it gives us the chance to get all outstanding orders submitted. Girls who have been on a payment plan for instance will be called to come in and pay the rest of their deposit and possibly be re-measured.

But sometimes gowns can be discontinued without notice. This will typically be because to physically make the gown might have become difficult or even impossible. Designers might source fabric, beading and appliqués from a wide variety of sources, so if one element of their supply chain is unable to deliver then the gown cannot be made in the same way as the original. Sometimes designers can make the dress in an alternative fabric or with a different kind of fastening or beadwork, but more often they will simply discontinue the style with immediate effect.

This kind of discontinuation is the one that breaks my heart! Obviously in this circumstance it cannot be helped but it means that some girls might be disappointed. It’s the main reason I encourage girls not to go shopping for their wedding dress before they are ready to buy. There is nothing more upsetting to see a girl come back to us months after her first visit, having now decided on the gown she wants, who then learns that she can’t get it. I always feel like the baddie.

Rita Gown

Often we see designers launch a variation on that discontinued style in their next collection. They may have figured out the reason it was an unpopular style and have rectified it. We once had an amazing gown named Tessa, who had a fab half bow at the waist, we were gutted when the designer discontinued it, but the very next season it reappeared with a beaded motif instead of the bow!

So a discontinuation doesn’t mean that it’s a bad dress. The unfortunate reality of the bridal industry is that for a designer to be a success they have to sell a certain amount of each dress, and dresses that don’t receive enough reorders are cut from the collection to be replaced with a new style in the next collection. The upside of this is that these discontinued styles that cannot now be reordered will be reduced in price and offered in a bridal shops sale! Most shops keep their stock in immaculate condition, so you could be lucky enough to pick up a gorgeous gown at a bargain price, and since it is now discontinued, it will be even more unique!

Dress of the Month ~ June

My favourite dress this month is a perfect little summertime wedding dress! The lovely ‘Amber’ by Sottero & Midgley, is a fab little chiffon number that is a million times more flattering than most other chiffon bridal gowns.

Sottero and Midgley Amber Dress Gown

Sottero and Midgley, Amber Gown (Front)

This gorgeous gown features the famed Sottero corsetry which really pulls in your waist and creates the perfect hourglass shape. Far too often bridal gowns made in chiffon feature a more empire line silhouette which unfortunately doesn’t flatter many girls. Whilst it is said that empire lines are perfect for pear shapes, I actually find that unless you add long bodied and tall into that equation, empire lines can actually exaggerate a big bum and hips. Thankfully though, this beauty has a long bodied corset which creates fantastic curves and really showcases your waist.

This gown features a small a-line skirt and a small puddle train. The slim fit and light weight of the skirt makes this gown ideal for wearing in the summertime. I can totally picture this dress being worn on a beach somewhere! And since it is so lightweight without much of a train, it is perfect for a beach wedding as you won’t end up trawling half the beach with you! It is also perfectly compact and would fold up nicely into your hand luggage.

Sottero and Midgley Amber Dress Gown

Sottero and Midgley, Amber Gown (Back)

The detail on this gown is sparkly but subtle. Lace appliqués with pretty beading adorn the bodice but elsewhere the detail is limited to the pleating and movement of the chiffon. It really is so pretty!

For more information about this dress or to try it for yourself, please contact Catherine at Cathedral Gowns (Tel: 028 4461 2532)

Your Hair Guide to Summer Colouring!

Summer is here and we are all getting into our bright summery colours, so why not reflect this with our hair colour?

To give you a guide, here are some of this seasons biggest Hair Colour Trends.

One of the hottest colours this season is Bronde , yes I’ve spelled that right!! This is a shade of colour between blonde and brunette. Bronde is so current for this season and great for anyone wanting to lighten with gentler tones than just light blonde and with less commitment than really blonde. My hint and tip for this trend is to keep to carmel and beige tones to avoid looking brassy blonde.

Our celebs that hero this look prefectly are Jennifer Anniston & Gisele Bundchen.

Jennifer Anniston feat. Bronde Summer Hair

Jennifer Anniston feat. Bronde Summer Hair

Gisele Bundchen - Bronde

Gisele Bundchen – Bronde

Ombré is our next colour trend very much in demand this season, it’s our dip dye effect for this season. Ombre is a colour that graduates from dark at the roots down to light at the ends. A great lower commitment technique as the colour is in the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Here comes my hint and tip, If you read my blog on dip dye last season you will know I am a huge fan of Kevin Murphy Color Bugs. Well those innovative guys at Kevin Murphy are right on trend again with the launch of the shimmer bug which is made for  ombré colouring giving that light sun kissed shimmer and like the rest of the bugs is temporary and shampoos out, fantastic for that summer only look!!

Kevin Murphy Ombré Shimmer Bug

Kevin Murphy Ombré Shimmer Bug

Hilary Swank does ombré so well.

Hilary Swank Ombre Dip Dye Colour

Hilary Swank Ombré

Our last look is always a summer favourite. Platinum Blonde, if you’ve decided to take the leap and go blonde this season, Platinum is very much the way to go! Be warned! This is not for the faint-hearted, but when you get it right, it’s stunning. My hint and tip for this colour is to keep it crisp and clean. Use a silver toned shampoo like KMS Color Vitality Blonde Shampoo to retain your clean clear blonde. Our Celeb with this style is a no brainer it’s got to be Pink , she is the ultimate Platinum chick!!

Pink! Platinum Blonde Hair Style

Pink! Platinum Blonde Hair Style

So now you’ve got a few ideas, have fun  with summer colouring!

Achieving Big Beautiful Eyes has never been easier with the help of Benefit Cosmetics…

Its true….  everyone can have big beautiful eyes with the help of this palette by Benefit Cosmetics.

If you follow my posts, you will know that I love cute little palettes which you can carry round with you. I especially love them in summer when you have to try and squeeze all your makeup and beauty products into your suitcase for your holidays. Kits like this are a godsend!

Benefit Cosmetics - Big Beautiful Eyes Kit - £24.50

Benefit Cosmetics – Big Beautiful Eyes

The kit I have demoed for you today is ‘Big Beautiful Eyes’ by Benefit Cosmetics. It consists of Boi-ing Concealer for those stubborn undereye circles and 3 eyeshadows. An Alabaster pink base shadow, a cocoa shimmer contour shadow and a rich chocolate brown liner shadow. Not only that, the kit also comes with an illustrated step-by-step makeup lesson and you are even provided with two brushes to make it all as simple as possible for you.

Saying that, don’t feel the need to stick strictly to the instructions. I even used the Chocolate Brown and Cocoa Shimmer eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows for the look. With the colours included you can go as smokey or as natural as you like.

This kits is available from or .com and also from most Benefit Cosmetics counters. It is priced at £24.50. The products are of great quality and Benefit have tried to pack as much into the kit as possible to make it simple and easy to use.

Do you have the Big Beautiful Eye Kit? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Your Summer would not B.Complete without these Eye Palettes!

I love trying new products and price isn’t something I pay that much attention to when reviewing a product. When I am sent products, I judge them on their ability to fulfill their purpose, following that I weigh up the quality against the price. So whether its a £50 Bobbi Brown Palette or a £5 High Street Palette, I treat them the same.

I was sent some products by the lovely B.Range Team at Superdrug recently, and among them was the B.Complete ‘Glisten’ Eye-shadow Palette.

B. Complete Glisten Eyeshadow Palette

B. Complete Glisten Eyeshadow Palette

I try products out with all sorts of brushes and also with and without primer etc as I know that not everyone has the amount of prep products as I do in my kit.

I also tried out the B.Complete ‘Charleston’ Palette recently too. The difference in the two palettes is that the Charleston Palette has mostly Matt Colours in it, where the Glisten Palette has mostly Shimmer Shadows, with only one Matt colour.

B. Complete Charleston Eyeshadow Palette

B. Complete Charleston Eyeshadow Palette

In comparing the two, I found that the B.Range Shimmer Shadows have a much smoother consistency and are a lot easier to build up colour with.

When I tried both of these palettes without eye primer, I found it so difficult to build any colour and had a lot of product fall out beneath the eye. So next time I applied some Benefit Cosmetics ‘Stay Don’t Stray‘ eye primer before applying the shadows and the difference was like Day and Night. The colour was so much more pigmented and easy to use, manipulate and blend with primer than without. In fact, creating a look with primer took me about 3/4 minutes, where as trying to create the look without took me about 15/20. So there is a big difference.

The palettes themselves are a handy little size to popping in your makeup bag. If you aren’t that confident or trained in makeup there is also a guide on the back to show you which colour goes where.

Each palette is typically priced around £6.99, but is currently reduced on Superdrug to the yummy price of £4.66. For that price I think they are great. There are 4 palettes to choose from:

Charleston ~ Glisten ~ English Rose ~ Smokey Grey

B. Complete Eyeshadow Range

B. Complete Eyeshadow Range

I would love to try the English Rose next…. the colours are lovely and would work really well for a natural Spring / Summer look.

In my opinion, they are definitely worth a try and at such a small price you can get a few of them. If you are trying them out, do yourself a favour and apply eye primer before hand, it is a must! This will save you so much time and hassle.

I would love to hear if you have you tried them? What do you think of them?



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