Your Summer would not B.Complete without these Eye Palettes!

I love trying new products and price isn’t something I pay that much attention to when reviewing a product. When I am sent products, I judge them on their ability to fulfill their purpose, following that I weigh up the quality against the price. So whether its a £50 Bobbi Brown Palette or a £5 High Street Palette, I treat them the same.

I was sent some products by the lovely B.Range Team at Superdrug recently, and among them was the B.Complete ‘Glisten’ Eye-shadow Palette.

B. Complete Glisten Eyeshadow Palette

B. Complete Glisten Eyeshadow Palette

I try products out with all sorts of brushes and also with and without primer etc as I know that not everyone has the amount of prep products as I do in my kit.

I also tried out the B.Complete ‘Charleston’ Palette recently too. The difference in the two palettes is that the Charleston Palette has mostly Matt Colours in it, where the Glisten Palette has mostly Shimmer Shadows, with only one Matt colour.

B. Complete Charleston Eyeshadow Palette

B. Complete Charleston Eyeshadow Palette

In comparing the two, I found that the B.Range Shimmer Shadows have a much smoother consistency and are a lot easier to build up colour with.

When I tried both of these palettes without eye primer, I found it so difficult to build any colour and had a lot of product fall out beneath the eye. So next time I applied some Benefit Cosmetics ‘Stay Don’t Stray‘ eye primer before applying the shadows and the difference was like Day and Night. The colour was so much more pigmented and easy to use, manipulate and blend with primer than without. In fact, creating a look with primer took me about 3/4 minutes, where as trying to create the look without took me about 15/20. So there is a big difference.

The palettes themselves are a handy little size to popping in your makeup bag. If you aren’t that confident or trained in makeup there is also a guide on the back to show you which colour goes where.

Each palette is typically priced around £6.99, but is currently reduced on Superdrug to the yummy price of £4.66. For that price I think they are great. There are 4 palettes to choose from:

Charleston ~ Glisten ~ English Rose ~ Smokey Grey

B. Complete Eyeshadow Range

B. Complete Eyeshadow Range

I would love to try the English Rose next…. the colours are lovely and would work really well for a natural Spring / Summer look.

In my opinion, they are definitely worth a try and at such a small price you can get a few of them. If you are trying them out, do yourself a favour and apply eye primer before hand, it is a must! This will save you so much time and hassle.

I would love to hear if you have you tried them? What do you think of them?



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