Keep a Cool Foundation this Summer!

Working in the heat is definitely a lot more difficult, but even more so if the products you are working with have also given up in the heat!

Makeup is no different to food in this respect.They kind of give up their game in the heat. Certain items like Foundations, Concealers, Cream Eyeshadow and most definitely Lipsticks tend to die in the heat. Which means that you will risk destroying your products.

I got one of these cute little cool bags for keeping my heat sensitive products in when I’m out and about in the sun.

This bag is measured at 210 mm x 150 mm x 120 mm which is perfect for fitting your susceptible products into. Plus it folds flat when its not in use.  It is also made from recycled plastic which you ecolovers will be pleased to hear. It is priced at a very reasonable £5.99 from

I bought some of these little Gel Coolpacks from Sainsburys for £3 to place in the bag to keep them all cool.

Available from

Available from

All in all you will save all your products and make your life and job a whole lot easier for under £10. One lipstick alone costs more than that, so its definitely a worth while investment!

As always, click on the photos to go straight to the products in store.

Keep Cool and Stay Beautiful.

Nuala ♥

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