Simply because we love our readers, here is another brand new writer to brighten your day!

How can we call ourselves a Beauty and Lifestyle blog if we don’t address the dreaded ‘E’ word, yes that’s right, EXERCISE!

I know for a fact that about 80% of the human race hate using the gym, and I am in that percentage for sure. So I wanted to make sure that when I was bringing you a new fitness writer for The Beauty Cloud that it would be someone that we can relate to.

Therefore, I introduce to you….. Courtenay Pipkin!

Courtenay Pipkin Health and Fitness writer for

Courtenay Pipkin is a Stylist for Stella & Dot, a gorgeous jewellery and accessory brand originally from the US.

Courtenay Pipkin, Health and Fitness Writer for was never really into sports as a kid, until she discovered Pole Fitness in 2009 as something to fill her evenings whilst on a summer placement away from home. She immediately fell in love with it and after returning to university, She set up and ran the Newcastle University Pole Dancing Society. With moving around so much she has been lucky to train and teach all over the country (and even in the US when she lived there for a few months last year!). She recently competed in the Miss Pole Dance UK Semi-Pro Doubles category coming third, and has entered more upcoming competitions later this year which she will be training hard for.

Courtenay currently lives in London, where she has also begun learning aerial hoop as well. She is an avid hater of gym equipment so is always keen to try and new and different ways of getting a good workout.

You will see bi-weekly posts from Courtenay about different ways to stay fit and have fun at the same time.

Watch out for her opening post coming soon!


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