B.Quick and Be Clean!

I’m finding new favourite’s all over the place lately. For me face wipes have been something which I haven’t put too much thought into, solely because I go through such a huge amount of them in my work. I tend to go for cheap ones because of that and I’ve always kind of stuck to the same ones for sensitive skin.

However, when B.Range sent me some of their 4 in 1 wipes to try out, I was genuinely impressed. Here is a little of what they offer:

  1. Cleanses – Wipes away impurities, even waterproof makeup.
  2. Tones – With soothing Cucumber extract.
  3. Hydrates – With Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to help moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft.
  4. Conditions – Enriched with botanical extracts to help calm the skin.

B. Quick Face Cleansing Wipes Superdrug

They are fragrance and alcohol-free which makes them great for sensitive skin. I was really impressed with how easily they remove eye makeup and mascara (even stubborn waterproof mascara). There is no need to keep going over any area to finally remove your makeup, it only takes 1 wipe and 90% of your makeup is gone. Another thing I like about the wipes is the thickness, with some of the cheaper wipes you will find yourself doubling over the wipe to try and get a good thickness and grip on the product which basically halves the size of your wipe, well not with these!

I always kind of expect my face to feel quite raw after using wipes, but after trying these I feel like I’ve been cheated for years! Your face is left feeling cool, clean and very refreshed. None of that harsh stinging that I seem to get from most other wipes. They have the luxurious feel of a premium wipe, yet with a tiny price! At the moment these are priced at only £2.33 for a pack of 25 wipes at Superdrug. If you are lucky you can even keep an eye out for Superdrugs 3 for 2 offer and bag a pack for free!

So if you are looking for premium wipes, without the premium price tag, these are definitely worth a try!

Have you tried them yet?

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