Another beautiful new author, just for you! ♥

This has been a busy month for The Beauty Cloud! We have now brought you 3 new authors on 3 hot new topics! 

Today I would like to introduce our next new author, Paulina.

CapturePaulina Katarzyna Wyczawska (BA, BSc hons Business and Digital Media Management Consultant) is always hungry for knowledge. She is a passionate blogger, food enthusiast, hobby photographer and active cyclist. Her dream is to explore as much of the world we live in as possible and share those moments with others. Her mottos are: “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and “Nothing is impossible, it all depends on the approach and willingness”.

In her series of blogs on the Beauty Cloud, Paulina will share with you her views and opinions on spiritual beauty, food, health, general well-being and to make sure that it all will be worth talking about. Through her passion towards feeling and looking healthy, Paulina will show the readers what natural beauty truly means. Sit down, relax and embrace your inner self.

Stay tuned for Paulina’s debut article coming up shortly.

If you have any questions, email

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