Finally a Professional Brush Set to meet all your needs!

I see so many makeup brush sets which sound great in theory. 30 Quality Makeup Brush Sets…. you would imagine with 30 brushes that you have everything you need to create effective makeup looks, but yet you find yourself with about 20 of those which are completely useless to you. So I have been waiting and waiting for a company to actually use a bit of common sense and create a set of brushes which are well thought out and finally I have found them! have created their 10 piece Brush Set and I honest feel that I could create 99% of everyday looks with the brushes in this set.

10 piece makeup brush set by


Let’s take a look through the brushes you get in this set:

1. The first brush you get is this great, circular duo-fibre brush, very similar to the MAC 187 brush I am always raving about. The length and match of the fibre’s are perfect. It is a well constructed and very usable brush.

2. You get a very specific powder brush. I love the size and shape of this brush as it lets you use it for a multitude of purposes, it is big enough to use as an all over powder brush. It is shaped well enough to use as a contour brush and it is small enough to use as a blusher/bronzer brush. So basically you can use this as a 3 -in-1 Powder Brush.

3. Thirdly, you get what is conventionally known as a ‘foundation brush’ however, most makeup artists will tell you these aren’t used for foundation. They are however perfect for concealer! The fibres in this brush and smooth enough to create a flawless concealer application. A very good quality brush.

10 piece  professional makeup brush set by beauty boxes

4. Next you have a natural fibre large eye-shadow brush. This also is nice to apply concealer. The length, rigidity and texture to the bristles make it very easy to hold eyeshadow product in the fibres. I have used this brush with a range of different types of eyeshadow’s, from pressed, cream and loose pigment and it works perfectly every time.

5. Another very relevant eyeshadow brush made from synthetic fibres. This brush is a bit smaller and thicker than the first eyeshadow brush and is very much needed when creating makeup looks.

6. I was so happy to see this brush in the set. It is similar to the MAC 224 brush. However it is a little smaller. It is made from synthetic fibres. I can’t explain how necessary this style of brush is when creating makeup looks, especially the smokey eye. This brush blends eyeshadow’s in and around the crease line of the eye beautifully. This is the first brush set I have seen to include this type of brush.

7. Another great eyeshadow brush when creating beautiful eye looks. The small thick bristles are perfect for applying eyeshadow under the eyes. The tension in the bristles are great for pressing your eyeshadow to set your eyeliner both above and below your eye. I love this brush. It is fast becoming one of my ‘go-to’ brushes.

10 piece professional makeup brush set by

8. Another brush that is so relevant, is this synthetic angle brush. It is well crafted to ensure you can use it for a variety of purposes. It can be used with eyeshadow or eyeliner. The tip of the brush is pointed enough to ensure you can create any thickness of line you need to.

9. The last brush in the set is a synthetic lipstick brush. I don’t really need to say much about this. You know how much it is needed. It is a well made brush with no straying bristles, meaning you get an accurate application every time.

10. The last tool in the brush set is a powder puff. This is a great tool to have in your belt. Everyone should have one. They are great for when you have an oily patch to your skin. Use this with powder to set your foundation and you will get a lovely matte effect.  Using a powder puff also ensures accuracy when applying powder as you are pressing the powder onto the face rather than swiping it with a brush. They are great around the crease of the nose to really help set your foundation or concealer.


And there you have it. I haven’t came across a brush set to date where I can tell you how relevant each and every tool is. So if you are a makeup artist looking to invest in some new tools, or maybe even just starting out and looking for a great starter brush set you should definitely invest in this set.

That’s not to say that this set is only for makeup artist. I always encourage my clients to invest in some great brushes, without them you will find it almost impossible to achieve beautiful flawless makeup.

This brushes come in a faux-leather brush roll, reaching out to 35cm long x 22.5cm wide when unrolled and 22.5cm x 11cm when rolled.

This set is prices at £71.45 from . For a set of such great quality and useful brushes, it is well worth the spend.


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