Strong is the New Sexy!

Fifty years ago it was the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor that were dazzling the world with their gorgeous curves. This even held up for a while with the likes of 90s top models such as Tyra Banks and later, Kelly Brook starting their careers with fuller figures than we see on the catwalk now.

Size zero model

That was then though, and somewhere over the years bodies shrank, with supermodels rumoured to be surviving on a diet of coffee and cigarettes just to keep their jobs (who doesn’t remember the ‘Size Zero’ madness?). Suddenly ‘Plus Size’ was as little as a Size 12!

In the wake of the London Olympics, I’m proud to say that trends are finally shifting once more. Whilst women’s sport may still not be as prominent as men, we are finally putting our stamp on the field – who won the first gold medal of for the UK? That’s right. A woman. Female athletes were the face of the games, and still are. You only need to flick through any magazine to see Jessica Ennis as the face of countless brands!

For the first time in years it’s not all about long legs and skinny hips. As a pocket sized 5’2” I was never going to be a supermodel, just like 99% of the female population. Without those skinny genes (excuse the pun) all the coffee and cigarettes in the world won’t get me looking like that. What’s the use in me gazing longingly at the 22inch waist and 6ft pins of a high fashion model? It’s never gonna happen. I’d rather waste my energy looking at the abs of one of my sport idols, and admire the time and effort they’ve put in to achieving their fitness success! After all, the Olympics weren’t about whose got the best-looking bum, were they?

building fitness

More and more average women are annually taking part marathons, half marathons, Tough Mudder races…. the list is endless. Your fitness goals may not even be as extreme as that – you might just be aiming to lift a heavier weight in Body Pump, or be able to swim those 10 laps a little faster. Whatever it may be, enjoy the strength that comes from your body instead of worrying what the bathroom scale says on Monday morning. Muscle burns more calories than fat even when you’re just sitting around; it makes you look younger, it makes you feel stronger and more confident. You’ll have fewer aches and pains and you’ll struggle less carrying all those shopping bags! The perks are endless.

physical fitness get  fit

Take me to the circus and show me female aerialists lift their own body weight as if they were as light as a feather and I’ll be in awe. Show me a skinny minny without an ounce of muscle on her and I probably won’t look twice – where’s the physical achievement in that? I’ll always choose to respect those who work hard for what they are over those who are born with lucky genes.

Strong is the new sexy.

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