What Beauty has in common with Science – Part 1

Beauty and Science

Various blogs, articles and seminars focusing around beauty never leave aside the subject of science. Many writers like Francis Bacon, Richard Feynman or Denman Waldo Ross have been intrigued by the connection of beauty and science. The complexity of this connection brings year on year top scientists and surgeons in order to understand in depth this phenomenon.

Beauty and ScienceThe author, Nancy Etcoff, with a curious and analytical eye explains in her book Survival of the Prettiest: The Science of Beauty what are the roots of beauty.  In one of her paragraphs Etcoff says:

 Many intellectuals would have us believe that beauty is inconsequential. Since it explains nothing, solves nothing, and teaches us nothing, it should not have a place in intellectual discourse. And we are supposed to breathe a collective sigh of relief. After all, the concept of beauty has become an embarrassment.

But there is something wrong with this picture. Outside the realm of ideas, beauty rules. Nobody has stopped looking at it, and no one has stopped enjoying the sight. Turning a cold eye to beauty is as easy as quelling physical desire or responding with indifference to a baby’s cry. We can say that beauty is dead, but all that does is widen the chasm between the real world and our understanding of it”.

 Etcoff is right and as many other authors of various papers on beauty, the final thought is an understanding of what true beauty really is, and how we can enhance what is hidden inside us.

facial symmetryThrough the various ways of analysis of facial symmetry  hair structure, body shape, etc. scientist are with excitement arguing about how to improve our looks, decrease the aging process and stop us from losing hair. The most common subjects on various pages are obesity, wrinkles, plastic surgeries. And they all have one theme in common: science. Without science we would not know what really causes the states we are in, and without it we would not know if and how we can fight it and prevent from it.

Tune in on Friday for part 2 or 3 on this topic.

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