False Tanning Tip’s – Exfoliation

5aThe first rule of Fake tanning is skin prep! Your tan will only be as smooth and as even as the skin it’s being applied to.

Before tanning, you must always gently scrub your skin to remove all of the dead skin cells that will get in the way of an even tan.

Your skin will then be revitalised and ready for the lotion!

5bDry and uneven skin will leave you streaky and patchy – the most feared words in a fake tanner’s dictionary!

I have sensitive skin myself, therefore extreme exfoliation can lead to a reaction. So it’s important to get the balance right. The best thing for this is an exfoliating glove. Simply add water and a moisturising shower cream (I recommend Aqueous Cream – Available in Boots) and rub gently all over your body in the shower.


5dWhen it comes to your face, use an exfoliating scrub – I recommend using one with natural ingredients such as Tea Tree, Witch Hazel or Aloe Vera. My personal favourite is Boots own brand, Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub.

Once you get the pallet right – it’s ready for painting 😉 Happy Faking!




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