What Beauty has in common with Science – Part 2

4a“Nature didn’t need an operation to be beautiful. It just was.” 
Scott Westerfeld, The Uglies Trilogy

In 1st part of this blog, we have looked in general that science is strongly connected with beauty. Researchers, surgeons and beauty professionals, work extremely hard on finding the solution for aging, hair loss, wrinkles.  Millions of pounds are being spent every year by cosmetic concerns to find innovative products that will make us young, toned and fresh looking.

4bAnd here we are coming to the cross roads, where we all need to ask ourselves one important question: How far away we can go to look gorgeous?

First of all, we need to define what beauty really is… In my previous post I have explained that it doesn’t matter what you offer outside, what matters is the full package. The study of the Elite magazine has shown that beautiful people are boring, as they are focused only on the outer layer. It was also determined, that men are more attracted to women who are not paying so much attention to the outer look, as it is those women who can keep a conversation going. And here we are back on the crossroads? Is that beautiful? 4cWell, definitely attractive. There is nothing worse, than ending up in a party full of beautiful snobs that have nothing really interesting to say. I myself, have been accused of not being one of those ‘girls’ when growing up, as I had better things to do than my nails, hair and talk about boys, my looks and what clothes to wear. When networking, I tend to slide towards the interesting crowd, I look for the geeky looking people as I know I will at least have something to share with during the conversation, not only stare at the “thin candy paper”.

Let’s then go back to our crossroads, and ask again: What beauty really is? Well, I personally think that despite the products that help us to improve our looks, knives that create our faces like after being shot out of the cannon, or lipo that causes only scars, cause with no exercise your skin will hang like wet clothes on the shack, we are all beautiful, we just need to accept ourselves.

4dI’m sure you all know the expression of putting masks on when necessary. I agree, we need to have masks for various situations but the mask is a metaphor, and unfortunately a lot of people nowadays take it literally and start changing themselves into something they are simply not. But I will talk about that in my next post.

So, is science our friend or our enemy? For sure it allows us to do incredible things with our bodies depending on how much money and imagination we have. Is it worth it then? Do we feel good after we play God?

4eThe idea of science in early days was to improve our way of life (inventions of phone, electricity, trains, medicine, etc.) Then why we are abusing it to the extent that some of us just look ridiculous!

Why don’t we all accept the rules of nature: everything passes; flowers grow, bloom and die; butterflies live only few days and die; sun rises and sets; climate changes; etc. When we play too much with nature, it will eventually come and bite us in the backside.

Let’s then start accepting the way nature made us and stick with creams, lotions, and natural ways of making ourselves beautiful.

In part 3 of on this topic, I will tell you how in a simple and natural way you can finally start feeling good in your own skin and have a good relationship with science, not being a subject to its unfortunate side effects.

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