What Beauty has in common with Science – Part 3

5a“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

 Feeling good in your own skin is not that difficult. You just have to be yourself, accept yourself, respect yourself and love yourself. It all depends on our mindset and living your life to the full.  We all very often punish ourselves by being overly critical about our looks, jobs, financial status and life in general; forgetting that time doesn’t stop.  We rarely laugh out loud, do things that we truly love and just grasp the day that have been given to us the moment we open our eyes in the morning. Chasing against inevitable laws of nature we poison our brains and hearts with trends and messaging that makes us hate ourselves even more. We forget that everything happens for a reason and that 5bthere was a purpose of how we differentiate from each other. Some of us are chubbier than others, some skinnier, some small and some tall. Unluckily, the media and advertising industry has injected in us the stereotype of beauty, creating at the same time false hopes and dreams for being truly happy in your own skin.

Various blogs and magazines continuously argue about what is the remedy for true beauty and how to stay young at heart, body and soul. Scientists spent long hours in laboratories hoping to invent the “holy grail” of all products that can prevent us from going under knife. We all forget that humans are fragile creatures, and when unhappy for any reason, it is shown in the outer layer: our body. Of course, I am not trying to dismiss the fact that we all want to be beautiful and feel beautiful, and that it is thanks to this way of thinking the cosmetics companies are making fortune every year. But we all need to start making sure that we are healthy inside, with our spirit and state of mind. Of course, counting calories and 5csaturated fats is important in order for us to keep the balanced diet, but overdoing of anything can lead to the very undesired side effects that can result even in life loss. We all need to start from self-empowerment through positive thinking and staying active.

Let me tell you a short story from my own experience. I used to be a very fickle and insecure young woman. The peer pressure and expectations of my boyfriends destroyed my self-confidence; I had become a shadow of someone I simply was. I was a wreck of a person, floating miserably on the pages of life, missing out on what has been given to me by nature. It took me years and thousand of pages of reading around how to build my confidence back and finally start loving myself. It was not easy, but 5dbelieve me, it was worth it. My whole life has turned around. I became content with myself, started to smile and became attractive to others. I didn’t care anymore what others thought of me or how they judged me, as I was happy with how I looked and felt. It was all thanks to the “law of attraction” that put the smile back onto my face. Today, despite all the throwbacks that life toss at me, I never forget to seize the day! “Carpe diem and “Treat others the way you want to be treated” are my mottos, and no matter what and how hard it gets I remain my happy self. But it all starts with self-5erespect, without that others will break you and make you on their own similarity. Being strong and propellant in your goals and dreams is vital; self-balance comes on its own, we just need to believe.

So let’s stop sobbing and throw away all the magazines that feed you with lies and false hopes. Let’s start from loving and accepting ourselves without unnecessary surgical changes. Good cream, nice bath with candles and salts, relaxing music and enjoyable hobby is the first step to embracing the joys of life.  We are as beautiful as we feel with ourselves, and don’t let anyone tell you different! The science of beauty is in front of you, just look in the mirror and smile, and you will have all your answers.

2 responses to “What Beauty has in common with Science – Part 3

  1. So true. It’s easy to get caught up in the little things and get bogged down, forgetting that how you feel about yourself is most important! That’s how I feel right now – thanks for the reminder to think about myself!

  2. 🙂 i am glad i could help Tokyo Hamster 🙂 this blog is for all our us to remember that actually, things pass, tastes change and fashion goes forward… We All need to take a step back and start enjoying what is in front of us 🙂 Please follow my blog, there is loads to come… thank you x

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