Embrace the here and now…

6a“Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley


Every morning when we wake up we ask ourselves one question: what is today going to bring? Trying to overcome all that life tosses at us, we sometimes forget that the simplest things make all the difference in the pursuit of happiness. Through the fragile pages of existence, we do our best to push for a decent way of living, making sure that our loved ones are always safe and looked after. We are all bounded by different experiences, careers and fates. Being sucked by the wheel of constant race and growing responsibilities, we start to chase our own shadows forgetting about our inner balance, that is crucial for each one of us to embrace.

6bTired and wrinkled by life we loose the confidence, drive and passion for what really matters. In my previous post I have mentioned that everyone should take a step back and seize the day! It is extremely vital that we all give ourselves a small break and in silence or noise (whatever way we choose) we get in touch with our inner self.  We throw away all we read in silly magazines, we clear our mind from what day has put us through, we take a deep breath and inhale the joys of life.

 “Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how awesome you are if you can’t see it yourself?” – Unknown

Good morning world, today I will keep smiling no matter what! I wake up with this phrase on my lips everyday and always make sure that no one and nothing destroys that state of mind I inject every morning. I take a long refreshing shower, put my favorite facial cream on, throw some comfortable fashion peace on and have a nice cup of earl grey. Whilst putting myself in a good state of mind, I plan the whole day, starting from looking at my diary. My hobby is cycling, therefore no matter what, I always make sure that I have at least 2 hours per day for some fresh air work out, that not only clears my head, but puts an 6cunbelievable smile on my face. Of course, let’s not forget about the favorite motivating music that makes my legs go faster with every beat. There is nothing better than a fresh air hobby. Obviously, all sports have their negatives; two weeks ago I have been singing out loud on a bike and I swallowed a fly. Thankfully, I didn’t choke or fall of the bike, I continued with a smile on my face to cycle. Some people look at me in a weird way, as I cycle to all my clients, friends, I even do shopping whilst cycling. Am I bothered, are my clients or friends bothered? No, because I carry a full bag of confidence with myself knowing that if I won’t feel comfortable about myself and my hobbies,  it will all lose its meaning.


In life we need to be more courageous than we already are, and some of us think that grabbing the bull by its horns is often impossible. I can tell you now: it all depends on our approach. We are the makers of our own fate, it is us who write our own biographies. We are both the puppets and puppeteers at the same time, depending on various situations that we come across.

“Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it; Anger is bad, dump it; Fear is awful, face it; Memories are sweet, cherish it.” – Unknown

You all are probably wondering, how do I do it, I have so much going on, no time for change, no time for myself, I will wait for a better time. But as we know from experience, the “right time” rarely comes; we need to create it ourselves in order to make our dreams come true. Don’t we all deserve a break from this spinning? I know I do, and it is about time you did too! Life is too short to keep sobbing and worrying; it is too short to forget about why we are here; it is too short to be alive but not live your life. At this very moment we all need to make ourselves a nice cup of tea and put a plan together, a ‘this year’ resolution, not ‘next year’. If you want to change something, do it now, do not wait around for miracles, the miracle is you. This is what we all should remember everyday, I was born for a reason; I have those skills for a reason; my experiences shaped me into who I am now; and no one and nothing will stop me making at least the small dreams come true. But you need to believe! Stand in front of the mirror and say: today is another day of my adventure, and I will breath it in deeply!

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