Tanning Friday – What to wear while faking up!

7aThere are many questions regarding tanning, most of the time you will read advice on skin prep for before you have your tan, and how to apply the product.

However, you must know what to do once the tan is applied! There’s no point in going through all of the correct motions before and during tan application, if you’re not going to see it through to the end, and look after it once you’re all faked up.

Always wear loose, dark clothes. Long sleeves and long trousers are crucial, as they protect the entire tan while it’s developing, as well as anything that you may come into contact with.

7bDark tracksuits and pyjama sets are a great idea, and the recent craze of ‘onesies’ has provided another comfy option for us fake tanners. Granted, it is not the most flattering look or sexy and romantic option. But I’m afraid, if your partner wants a gorgeous, tanned beauty on their arm, then they will have to put up with the occasional frumpy trackie!  

Only wear items that you do not mind staining, as the dark coloured clothing helps to protect the bed sheets throughout the night while your tan is developing. They act as a barrier to prevent the colour from rubbing directly onto your lovely, clean bed sheets.

7dAnd hey…once you’re tanned up and looking like a beautiful bronzed goddess…then it is time to ditch the frumpy clothes and put on your sexier items for that very patient partner of yours!

Next week I will be reviewing a new tanning product by the fantastic Vita Liberata, which is both ground breaking and incredible! You don’t want to miss it…

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