Product Review: B. Naked Foundation

I love a good makeup prize find – especially when it is this affordable. A couple months back, the team over at Superdrug’s B. Range sent me some of their foundations to try out. Among them was their B. Naked – Light Hydrating Foundation. This retails in Superdrug for around £8.99.

2aFor anyone who follows my work, you will know that price is not as important to me as quality. I have tried some very expensive foundations which I find completely useless.

So the past few months I have been trying this makeup on different skin types, with different primers (go for cream or water based primers) and powders and I must say I am very impressed. The name is ‘B. Naked’ and I think that represents this foundation quite well. It is a lovely light illuminating foundation which is very buildable. You can build this up into a great medium coverage foundation very easily.

It works will all skin types from dry to oily, young to mature.

This has everything you would expect from a high-end foundation. It protects your skin against sun damage with UVA/UVB filters and contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate your skin. B.Range also claim that this product is transfer resistant for 8 hours. I haven’t put this to the test, but have no reason to doubt it, I’ve not had any disaster moments with it transferring.

The product comes in a sturdy glass bottle complete with a pump applicator, which gives it a premium feel. The pump can be unscrewed for pouring if that’s what you prefer, it also means you will have minimum wastage as you get to the end of the bottle where the pump is no longer of use. One thing I have noticed with most of B.Range’s foundations are that the pumps can be quite high pressured, so if you are pumping some out on your hand, do it away from your body and with the pump facing away also to avoid getting any product spray on your clothes or surrounding areas. You will get used to the pump very quickly though, I had it mastered in no time!


This foundation is advertised as having a ‘naturally matte finish’. I have to disagree, I found this foundation to have a beautiful illuminating finish, which is great because that’s what I love from a foundation. So if you are buying this for sole purpose of it being Matte, I would recommend you go in-store and try it for yourself first. Otherwise, this is a beautiful foundation. B. Naked comes in 5 shades, ranging from Linen to Golden and as previously mentioned is priced at £8.99. However, since this is Superdrug’s own cosmetics range, you are always sure to pick up a bargain on this range. Their current offer is ‘Buy one get one half price’ which means you get them for around £6.74 each.


So if you are looking for a fresh new foundation for Day time wear, I would definitely recommend giving this a try. I have been trying out a few of their other foundations too, so I will post about them shortly.

I have set up a little poll below to see who has tried the foundation and what your thoughts are, I’d really love to hear your feedback if you would take a moment to click an answer.

2 responses to “Product Review: B. Naked Foundation

  1. I use B.Flawless every day now, it’s amazing but this one sounds worth a try too! Loving the B. range!

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