Warm up your life with these Autumn / Winter 2013 Hair Trends

As Autumn / Winter approaches, not only will we want to warm up our homes, we want to warm up our skin tones as well. One of the best ways to do this is by changing our hair colour. Don’t panic! It can be a subtle as a tonal change or as dramatic as a total colour choice.

 Here are my predictions on hot colour trends this upcoming season !



Light blondes have gone stark and slightly colourless in sun this glorious summer but no need to darken it down just soften and warm it up by the injection of soft buttery blonde tones. Add this in pieces through your hair if your feeling nervous and you will still keep your light brightness it just melts warmth into the hair giving shine and a healthy glow.

For the more adventurous blondes, this seasons trend is colouring in a slightly darker hue at the roots, blending into glistening honey tones in the ends. Nicole Ritchie wears this technique perfectly, giving an effortless natural feel!


Kate Middleton Hair

We are looking at deep rich velvety Browns with accent tones of auburn. This gives the hair a deep gloss with warm lustrous tones that would grace any red carpet comfortably.

Red Heads

Celebrity Hair

Red is very much back in trend thanks to celebs like Paloma Faith! For us red heads this season we can go two ways the first is a softer natural tonal injection of luxurious Tuscan tones giving you an earthy warm feel. This will give your colour that boost back to life it needs to gleam. If your red is loud and proud, revitalise your colour with vibrant fiery tones to bring your red ablaze!

With these predictions you can warm up your life in more ways than one !!!!

5 responses to “Warm up your life with these Autumn / Winter 2013 Hair Trends

  1. I’m always thinking about going ombre… add a little warmth but I’m just not brave enough!

  2. Gillian Douglas-Rea

    If your not brave enough for the ombré , the slightly darker hue at the roots is a subtler way of doing it like your first gentle step on the journey !! Or even just introducing in warm honey tones will warm it up so much without feeling dark xx

  3. Really love the colour of Nicole’s hair.. May just have inspired me to finally dye my hair
    Lisa @ http://lifeoflala.wordpress.com/

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