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Dress of the Month ~ November 2013

My current favourite dress is the amazing Leonora by Charlotte Balbier. I love her! It features a gorgeous dropped waist silhouette with a full aline skirt, which is so flattering on lots of figures, but especially on curvier girls.

Charlotte Balbier Wedding Dress Lace

The bodice features amazing corsetry which really pulls in the waist and flattens a tummy, and holds a fuller bust in place. The benefit of the lace up back really helps to achieve a gorgeous fit. It does a really good job of lifting your bust and really showcasing your waist, so it is the perfect dress choice if you are heavy in the bust department. Another reason this dress is perfect for bustier ladies is the fact the beautiful scalloped lace detail offers extra cleavage coverage.

Charlotte Balbier Wedding Dress Lace

The skirt of the dress is a soft full aline in tulle with a beautiful lace hem detail which definitely edges towards princessy. I feel like this dress is super girlie as well as super flattering.

I love pairing her with a beaded belt at the waist and a lace edged veil.

For more information about this dress or to try it for yourself, please contact Catherine at Cathedral Gowns (Tel: 028 4461 2532)

Fake Tanning Tip – Secret Ingredient

false tan, preparation, perfect, blotch freeAs I always say, fake tan preparation is essential! Your tan is only as perfect as the skin it’s applied to. I regularly remind readers of the perfect skin prep routine; however, there is one secret ingredient that many tanners find extremely useful.

There are areas of the body that fake tan clings to more and can make very orange. To avoid this happening, you can apply moisturiser to dryer areas of your body such as elbows, hands, feet, knees etc to stop the tan grabbing. However, sometimes if these areas are very dry, this is still not quite effective enough. For other areas such as the hair line and eyebrows, moisturisers are just never enough.

false tan, preparation, perfect, blotch free, vaselineSo say hello to your new best friend, Vaseline. Simply dot a small amount along your eye brows and next to your hair line. Dotting the Vaseline means that it will only stick to the hair and not the skin around it, therefore avoiding large, pale tide marks on the skin where there should be tan, but isn’t.

You can rub in as much Vaseline as you want to any of the dry areas of your body, this will ensure you do not get dark or cracked orange looking patches! 

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In my last blog post, I spoke about the brilliant Age Defying RESTORE Face Serum from Continue reading

Anti-Aging products – Do they really work?

Anti-Aging products –  Do they really work? Although I have always loved to believe they did, I was yet to come across one which actually gave me real noticeable results.

A couple months back, the lovely ladies at sent me a bottle of their Age Defying RESTORE Face Serum. At first when researching this product, I noticed that it was directed at restoring the effects of aging and Seacret RESTORE Age Defying Face Serum Dead Sea Mineralsenvironmental damage. It does not claim to prevent it. It was exactly what I was looking for. For the past decade, I was subjected to a disease which meant that I had to take lots of pain medication and that pain was displayed visibly on my face. Due to constantly screwing up my face in pain, I had developed premature lines and wrinkles (and deep ones at that). The frown lines I had in between my eyes were so prominent and were there as a constant reminder of what I had been going through in previous years. So when this product promised to restore my skin back to its youthful state, I was practically jumping and the postman to snap it out of his hands!


A)  OK Postman, less of the chit-chat! Give me the bottle! 😉  

B) Oh…. this is a small bottle! it might last about a month for the amount my face will need!

C)  Hmmm…. I’ve felt this lovely velvety texture before, this is going to just sit on my skin and pretend to be a smooth complexion!

What I have learned is this – I am so quick to judge!

Thankfully, I do tell companies that when testing their products, I will do so over a number of weeks and months to ensure my opinions are well thought out and their products are well tested.

So my next impressions weren’t far behind! When applying the serum to my face and neck, I noticed that a little went a very long way, so two little squirts was enough product to do my entire face and neck. That put my ‘Small Bottle’ judgement put to rest – in fact I have been using this product twice daily for months and I can barely see the bottle go down.

Fast-forward by 10 minutes >>> I felt my face to see if the velvety texture was standing the test of time and it was gone! Completely absorbed. I was really quite shocked. My skin practically drinks this product! So my original quick-response judgements were completely worthless (except the one about the postman talking too much!)

Throughout my time using this product, I have noticed that it doesn’t try to impress you with immediate and short-lived results. A lot of Anti Aging products fool you with firing lots of moisture at you, so most people will feel like their skin has been adequately moisturised. I didn’t get this result from the face serum, what I got was long-term hydration. There is a difference you know!

Seacret RESTORE Age Defying Face Serum Dead Sea Minerals

My skin began to look more hydrated and developed a healthy glow again. Those pesky frown lines which were so deep rooted between my eyes started to fill out again. The multiple lines across my forehead started to hydrate and lost the dry, flaky appearance and eventually over time have completely gone. Now I don’t mean that they have all reduced by a tiny amount which requires the slightly blurred glance through crossed eyes, I mean they are gone!

I have never got such dramatic results from an Anti-Aging product. I am in love! I have to say, that even though my skin drinks this product up, I still do like a bit of immediate hydration too, so I always follow up with my ‘Freshness of the Morning – Age Defying Facial Moisturiser’.

When I started to see such great results, I wanted to know more about what was in the product. I was worried that maybe my face was absorbing some horrible chemicals that were making my skin swell in some way, but thankfully, I was wrong and very pleasantly surprised. The serum contains a special complex blend of vitamins and proteins to promotes younger, more radiant, healthier looking skin while Dead Sea Minerals and essential oils nourish and re-hydrate.

The main ingredients in the serum are: Seacret RESTORE Age Defying Face Serum Dead Sea Minerals  

1) Collagen

2) Dead Sea Minerals

3) Elastin

4) Evening Primrose Oil

5) Grape seed Oil

6) Jojoba Oil

7) PeptidesSeacret RESTORE Age Defying Face Serum Dead Sea Minerals

8) Vitamin A

9) Vitamin C

10) Vitamin E

11) Wheat Germ Oil


Now, I am not one who is easily convinced by cosmetics companies, so I always make sure to look at the full ingredient list. The first ingredient on their list is ‘Cyclopentasiloxane’. This product is a type of silicone, which is probably what lends the velvety silk feeling you get when you first apply it. It tends to be used in skin care products as it has quite a watery consistency, meaning that it helps spread the other ingredients really well. On a short-term basis ‘Cyclopentasiloxane’ can fill in lines and help the skin appear more plump. So when I saw this as their number one ingredient, I knew that it would be amazing under makeup and it is! It creates a smooth and even base for foundation.

Seacret RESTORE Age Defying Face Serum Dead Sea MineralsSeacret recommend following up this serum with their REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer, which I am really interested in trying out. So there you have it, a Age-Defying skin care product which actually delivers noticeable results!. You can buy the Age-Defying RESTORE Face Serum directly from